Commercial PV Systems

Commercial PV Systems from AGE Technologies

If you are looking for an experienced service provider for commercial PV (photovoltaic / solar) systems, AGE Technologies can assist. AGE Technologies is a leading company in the Renewable Energy business, providing clients with effective and professional services to design and implement green energy solutions. Whatever your energy requirements, AGE Technologies can assist.

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About Commercial PV Systems from AGE Technologies

Commercial PV systems meet the needs of large-scale renewable energy applications, and are commonly used in remote locations where conventional energy would be too costly, or is not an option. Here are a few reasons and benefits of commercial solar / PV systems, supplied and installed by AGE Technologies:

  • Reducing utility costs: One of the main reasons for installing commercial solar systems, is to reduce overall utility costs, and to save money. The implementation of a commercial PV system will lower your monthly utility bill immensely, and provide a more predictable monthly account. Although initial installation is expensive, you will save money in the long run, which makes commercial PV systems a great investment.
  • Reliable energy source: Efficient commercial PV systems installed by AGE Technologies will ensure a very reliable source of energy to the users. This means that you will not be affected by local power outages (you will be energy independent), and will be able to proceed with most of your daily business activities, limiting your company down-time.
  • Environmental benefits: In today’s time, the environmental impact of energy generation is also an important aspect to consider. A commercial PV system will decrease your contribution to the greenhouse gasses and minimise your company’s impact on the environment.
  • Versatility: Solar energy systems are extremely versatile and can be implemented almost anywhere and for every energy need. There are ground solar systems and rooftop solar systems to fit the needs of different situations and requirements.

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AGE Technologies is a leading service provider for commercial PV systems in Southern Africa, and have successfully installed many large-scale solar systems. You can expect the professional team from AGE Technologies to provide you with a suitable solution for your renewable energy needs, so that you can start enjoying the benefits provided by an effective solar systems. AGE Technologies will install a top quality photovoltaic system that will meet all your expectations in terms of reliability and performance.

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