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Our Bouquet of Services

System Engineering

No challenge is too complex for our team of engineers. We will implement the right instrumentation and control system to proactively address concerns while remaining within the parameters of our clients’ economic objectives. Read more

Onsite Support

We are committed to infusing technical and service excellence into every aspect of our business. An integral part of our service offering is our obligation towards onsite support. We aim to achieve lower mean time repair (MTTR) in every project. Read more

Software Engineering

AGE Technologies place exceptional value on the designing and developing of unique automation software such as PLCs, SCADA systems, MES, MIS etc. that assist in enhancing productivity and efficiency. Read more

Project Management

Utmost effort is put into project management strategies that add value through constant consideration regarding time, cost and quality. AGE continually strives to boost efficiency, limit downtime and identify and address areas of risk on all projects. All-inclusive solutions while remaining flexible to changes in specification are top priority. Read more


AGE Technologies provides a competent installation crew who work according to the ISO 9001 standards. Read more

Electrical Control and Instrumentation Commissioning

AGE Technologies’ proficient electrical control and instrumentation teams are able to deliver a highly professional electrical and instrumentation service throughout Sub Saharan African and Arabia. Read more

Service Level Agreements

We are responsible for maintaining all equipment and software programs. Our after sales services on our systems include but are not limited to programming, maintenance, repairs and upgrades. Read more


AGE Technologies Training Centre offers theoretical and practical training throughout the year in various courses including PLC Introduction, SCADA / PLC Maintenance, Operator Maintenance and Onsite Specific training. Read more

Turnkey Projects

AGE provides innovative and automated turnkey solutions in Plant and Machine projects, Industrial and Electrical projects, Mining projects, Commissioning of Automation projects etc. Read more

The System Integrator of Choice

When collaborating with us, we’ll guide you through the design, consultation, system development, commissioning and support of your systems cycle; making sure that your processes are online and in production. Read more