Onsite Support

Reliable Onsite Support Every Step Of The Way

AGE Technologies: Always Aiming For Lower Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)

Ensuring that contractual obligations are met is a top priority. The services that AGE renders far surpass the standard supply and delivery of goods. We offer a great deal by way of supporting the team on site as well.

Our onsite support includes:

  • A 24/7 Call-Out
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Automation of data collection for early-stage issue detection and rectification
  • Minimize downtime and breakdowns
  • Optimization of process with your Process Team.
  • Small project executed without affecting your permanent staff.
  • Back-ups of existing Control System Software. Both PLC and SCADA.
  • Onsite assistance with forward planning and design of new systems.
  • Training of local Engineering Staff on the Control System.
  • Easy and open communication with our Johannesburg Office for quick supply of any Control System hardware.
  • Telephone/Internet Support
  • Fly-out support on the next available flight
  • Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Annual System Backup and Evaluation.

Three-Tier Onsite Support System

Our onsite support can be broken down into three tiers that allow us to offer a more hands-on support service within each respective area:

  • Proactive Support – Due to our quest for lower MTTR we conduct regular monitoring and diagnostic procedures and ensure a 24/7-support service to minimize downtime should issues occur.
  • Preemptive Support – By integrating our software applications we are able to compile valuable information that indicates any regression or interruptions in processes, allowing us to provide a preventative support to our clients.
  • Assisted Support Automation – We provide our clients with automation procedures, development of expansion projects and as well as assistance in design process and technical specification.

Read about our Service Level Agreements here.


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