Project Management

Project Structure

All projects in AGE Technologies are managed by a project management professional from our PMO office. The Project Manager is responsible for managing the project scope, quality and budget. He draws up a project charter at the initialization phase of the project that covers all the major knowledge areas of PMBOK:

  • Executive Summary 

  • Scope Management Plan

  • Schedule Management Plan

  • Financial Management Plan

  • Quality Management Plan

  • Resources Management Plan

  • Communication Management Plan

  • Risk Management Plan

  • Procurement Management Plan

  • Stakeholder Engagement Plan

We assign lead engineers to the project for each technology area.The lead engineer takes technical responsibility for the project. 
They are experienced engineering professionals who are responsible for the technical scope and quality control of the project. 
Under the Lead Engineer’s watch, all standards are developed and tested


Boost Effectiveness, Limit Downtime and Develop Risk-Assessment

This allows for enhanced flexibility and increased outputs. 

The importance of managing every phase of a project in accordance with the project plan while adhering to ISO standards is a top priority. Our organized team leaders set and re-evaluate urgencies, ask the right questions at the right time, listen to client requests, and employ effective communication skills to the benefit of every project.


AGE’s Exceptional Project Management Skills Feature In Every Aspect Of The Business

  • Quality Control – We provide a fully certified ISO quality management system.
  • System Development – As a result of our experience in the industry we are able to engineer a solution to help solve any issues experienced in process.
  • System Installation – Due to the expert development and manufacturing of AGE products, all AGE products can be installed in industrial environments.
  • System Commissioning – We can prepare a system to be commissioned correctly and prepare for production directly after installation.  
  • System Handover – Every commissioned system is handed over with the accompanying documentation. Onsite support is available when required.