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System Engineering

AGE Technologies’ Approach To System Engineering

Engineering Tomorrows Technology Today!

We are driven by our clients’ successes, and with this in mind we dissect a client’s processes to effectively conceptualize, design and implement an entirely integrated system that meets all requirements.

At AGE Technologies we utilize the best automation and electrical equipment, drives, power and energy products from industry leaders. All AGE Technologies’ engineered systems are developed under an ISO-certified quality management system and undergo Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT).

Design and Specification

Clients can look forward to leadership in engineering services when it comes to:

  • Electrical – After careful analysis of an electrical system, we implement the correct equipment and develop a suitable solution for whatever challenge our clients are facing. In addition to this we will advise on ways to optimize power management and efficiency of the system.
  • Control Our experts will inspect and study a client’s current processes and in accordance with client budget and specifications, identify the correct equipment needed and develop a tailored control solution. 
  • Instrumentation - We make use of the most advanced engineering instrumentation to monitor and control project specific parameters. Accurate implementation of equipment and/or components ensures quality and time preservation. A full instrumentation list together with detailed data sheets and applicable definitions will be supplied with each design system.
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) – Remote control through a single communication channel. We implement all the software specifications and integrate the right product for the client’s unique needs.
  • Management Information Systems – We Enhanced efficiency through site specific developed software packages, SCADA systems and additional features to ensure that each and every project and upgrade is highly practical and successful.
  • Operational Equipment Efficiency – We are proficient in understanding the weaknesses in a process and identifying the means necessary to reduce operational downtime whilst maximizing efficiency using a quantified approach.
  • Electrical Reticulation – Full end-to-end service encompassing design, development, installation and commissioning. We possess the necessary knowledge, skills and accreditation to connect any electrical load to the appropriate distribution network.
  • Electrical Schematic and SLD (Single Line Diagrams) – We provide A graphical representation of the complex inner workings of an engineered solution developed by AGE.
  • Network Layout – Network layouts in accordance to client architecture, system specification design, installation and commissioning.
  • Telemetry – We provide state of the art solutions for our clients’ needs pertaining to reliable and robust data transfer to remote locations, from case study to supply and installation and commissioning.
  • Installation, Design Operation and Maintenance (IDOM) – A comprehensive manual that includes IO Lists, Panel Layouts, Network Layouts, Instrument Data sheets, Instrument Lists, Electrical Schematics, Loop Diagrams etc.


As a leading System Integrator, AGE Technologies integrate various products and solutions into one seamless system that adhere to client specifications. The manufacturing facet of every project is unique and comprises of various value-added services to complement each solution:

  • Servers – Server cabinets complete with network equipment infrastructure, design, procurement and software development.
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) – Manufacturing of PLC cabinets, PLC RIO panels, design procurement and software development.
  • Network and Control Panels – We boast the ability to procure and manufacture network and control panels that include remote control enclosures, Fibre Optic network panels.
  • Junction Boxes – We manufacture IO Junction Boxes for Remote PLC equipment and complex control systems that require Large IO distribution.
  • Motor Control Centers (MCCs) – We AGE manufactures MCCs, develops software, designs procurement and manufactures low and medium voltage MCCs.
  • Distributed Control System (DCS) –Professionals in the field of DCS software development, design procurement and manufacturing.
  • Containerized Solutions – We can develop solutions ready for deployment in remote regions and can have the equipment pre-commissioned for ease of operation and to simplify changeover procedures.