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Schneider HMI touch screen supplier in South Africa

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A very popular company within the electronic industry, Schneider Electric, has introduced one of its latest innovations called the Magels Smart +IPC, which is an extremely well designed industrial computer that incorporates the Schneider HMI touch screen.

Features of the Magels Smart +iPC computer with Schneider HMI touch screen

  • This innovation is the first computer of its kind that runs in conjunction with Microsoft Windows XP Pro but does not need maintenance. 
  • It further does not need to function through any rotating parts like hard disks or fans.
  • The Schneider HMI touch screen and Smart PC consists of a 15” dimension and also includes a Intel Celeron M 1 GHz processor, 1 GB or RAM as well as two separate Ethernet Ports.
  • The Magels Smart PC and Schneider HMI touch screen has been tested and approved according to the strictest standards including UL 508 (industrial control equipment standards) and ATEX (hazardous locations standards).
  • It can work in conjunction with Vijeo Designer HMI applications like the Schneider HMI touch screen as well as Vijeo Citect which are needed in SCADA applications.

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Reasons why Age Technologies are proud stockists of the Smart PC and Schneider HMI touch screen in South Africa

Other features of the Smart PC range, there are many reasons why this product has become very popular for use throughout the industrial world.

Features include sealed Schneider keyboards, pointer options, compact dimensions and also a choice of an AC or DC power supply which makes it possible to plug into any outlet in any country.

The PC also features like an open design that makes use of the Windows system for all its software applications. 

As Schneider Electric is a proud automation solutions provider, it comes as no surprise that innovative companies like Age Technologies strive to be one the top suppliers of Schneider Electric products and accessories like Schneider HMI touch screen computers.  These are one of the ways that companies like Age Technologies can stay ahead of its game regarding state of the art electronic innovations, customer service and a reputation that is hard to beat within the electrical industry.

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