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Modicon Quantum PLC suppliers

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Modicon Quantum PLC suppliers in South Africa

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When you are in need of scalable, modular architecture that has been designed to assist with your every need regarding single rack systems to plant-wide architecture, the Modicon Quantum PLC would be perfect for you.  But this is only true when purchased at a reputable PLC supplier.


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The Modicon Quantum PLC is known to be of world renowned quality and is therefore used by most reputable companies like Age Technologies.  This product offers the following in innovative features:

  • Fully integrated communication connectivity.
  • Innovative diagnostics.
  • Extremely wide range in memory and data storage ability.
  • Consists of deterministic I/O / RIO, capable of supporting up to 31 RIO racks.
  • High level of performance in terms of the S908 RIO network standard.
  • Programming software on par with all other Modicon industrial PLC’s including the SIL3 Modicon quantum safety PLC.
  • High quality architecture that makes use of time-sensitive applications.
  • Conforms to all communication standards including the different Ethernet specifications.
  • Supporting abilities according to HART specifications therewith being able to send and receive information across all analog wires.
  • Consists of 5 separate programming editors for use in optimized algorithm and special control application.

Why are these Modicon Quantum PLC’s such an important factor throughout different industries?

The Modicon Quantum PLC is a specialized type of programmable logic controller, aiming to replace all needed sequential relay circuits within machine controls. 

As the Modicon Quantum PLC’s function in monitoring of inputs and regulations of its on/off outputs is such a technologically advanced design, the user simply needs to enter the program, regulates the on/off outputs and receives the needed results.

Its innovative design therefore takes away the need for alternative type of machining, packaging, material handling and automated assembly equipment which makes it very cost effective and easy to manage. The Modicon Quantum PLC therefore offers much more performance as opposed to any other control product.  This is also due to its wide range of use through its 1.5k – 64k logic memory capabilities.

This high level of quality can only be supplied by a very reputable Modicon Quantum PLC supplier, of which Age Technologies is one such company.  Phone us today at (011) 869-3925/6/7 for assistance on how we can enrich your company’s performance with any specific type of Modicon Quantum PLC.