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Micrologix programming software suppliers in South Africa 

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Age Technologies makes use of a world renowned software provider in industrial automation, power, control and information solutions – Rockwell Automation. 


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What is micrologix programming software?

Micrologix programming software is the latest in programmable logic control which performs high levels of capability control throughout the following industries:

  • For all types of handling of materials.
  • Packaging industries.
  • Printing industries.
  • Food and beverage industries.
  • Pharmaceutical industries.
  • Water industries.
  • All industries where conveyors are used.

General features of our range of micrologix programming software include:

  • Easy control for a large variety of applications that will suit any need.
  • The functionality level can be compared to SLC’s and PLC’s with the only difference being that the micrologix programming software is much smaller and compact.
  • Our software micrologix programming is designed to be more compatible to all types of component graphic terminals.

Within the range of micrologix programming software, there are different products available, of which some examples are:

  • Micrologix 1000 controllers.  These are very compact programmings software and are very versatile in the way that it is able to be used throughout various industries. 
  • Micrologix 1100 controllers.  These controllers feature 2 analog inputs, 10 digital inputs and 6 digital outputs which makes it usable for a wide variety of needs.
  • Micrologix 1200 controllers.  Available in 24 and 40- point models, I/O counts can be broadened by making use of the needed rackless I/O modules.  Control systems can be make larger, better flexibility can be reached and it also features a field-upgradeable flash operating system.
  • Micrologix 1300 controllers.  Based on the Micrologix 1100, it has been innovatively improved upon to result in better on-line editing, pulse train output and general capabilities.
  • Micrologix 1500 controllers.  These are seen as the most innovative and versatile of the models as important features including processors, bases, power supplies and embedded I/O are used.
  • Micrologix expansion I/O modules.  These are modules that are able to far outsmart the Micrologix 1100, 1200 and 1400 models as the flexibility of the I/O count and types can be maximized.  Mounting options include DIN rail or panel.
  • Compact I/O modules.  There are many types to choose from including digital, analogue or speciality modules.  Features such as a built-in removable terminal block gives for better connection between I/O sensors and actuators.
  • Communication interfaces.  These interfaces offer many advantageous features including a DH-485-compatible device with a RS-232 access port.  Easy uploading, downloading and communications are other advantages to these interfaces.
We at Age Technologies strive to keep up our reputation for being one of the best Micrologix programming software suppliers in South Africa, and can be contacted at (011) 869-3925/6/7 for assistance on all your software needs.