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If you are looking for a solar / PV service provider that will supply and install your DC Combiner Box, let AGE Technologies assist. AGE Technologies is a leading company in electrical engineering, automation systems and solar solutions, and will work together with our partners in the solar manufacturing business to supply you with an effective and reliable solar power solution. Get the best quality and effective solar DC Combiner Boxes and related solar products and services from AGE Technologies.

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About solar DC Combiner Boxes from AGE Technologies

The solar DC Combiner Box is an integral component of a solar system. The DC combiner box is where the multiple strings of solar modules come together, combining the output of these multiple strings of photovoltaic modules, to be connected to the solar inverter. Solar DC Combiner Boxes are typically used in larger / commercial solar power plants. The DC Combiner Box has also been designed to protect the system from over-current and overvoltage, and to supervise the overall performance of the solar system.

In residential solar power systems, a DC Combiner Box is not required (although can be used), as the two or three strings from the PV panels will be directly connected to the converter. Solar DC Combiner Boxes are required for larger / commercial solar plants, where thousands of PV strings need to come together in a single unit.

AGE Technologies will supply you with a high quality solar DC Combiner Box, that will meet your technical requirements and application needs. Although a DC Combiner Box is relatively low maintenance, it needs to be checked periodically for any leaks or loose connections, as any faults can lead to extreme damage. But is the DC Combiner Box is installed professionally, there shouldn't be any reason for concern any time soon.

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In addition to your solar DC Combiner Box, AGE Technologies will provide you with a complete solar power system for your energy usage needs. Solar power is extremely advantageous offering a reliable energy supply for the user, lower energy bills, and efficient energy supply. This form of renewable energy is becoming more popular for industrial and commercial applications around the world due to the many benefits thereof - consult with AGE Technologies today for more information about our solar DC Combiner Boxes, or to install your commercial / industrial solar system.