What is Instrumentation and Control Engineering?

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What is instrumentation and Control Engineering?

Instrumentation and control engineering involves two components, namely (i) instrumentation and (ii) control engineering. Instrumentation involves the instruments used to effectively measure a number of different variables within a production or manufacturing process / system. These variables include, but are not limited to Pressure, Temperature, Humidity, Flow, pH, Level, Force, Speed and more. Control engineering involves the design and implementation of a control system that is aimed to performed required functions and certain behaviours. This is typically used in manufacturing or production plants, where in-depth instrumentation and control systems are required to ensure a cost-effective and efficient production line and process.

A control engineer needs to be able to assess a production / manufacturing process, in order to provide an effective control system that will meet the company's needs. This solution will include the required research, design and development of the system, and control devices/systems required for operation.

The benefits of an effective control system

There are many benefits of an effective instrumentation and control system, especially within large production / manufacturing companies, which includes:

  • Productivity: Automated processes and effective control thereof will help improve overall productivity. Processes can be analysed in order to determine shortcomings, which can then be altered for better results.
  • Optimization: A clear and accurate indication of the process variables will help to optimise the production / manufacturing process, improving the overall performance and output.
  • Reliability: Automation and control software and hardware have become more reliable, flexible and user-friendly, improving the communication between process equipment and instrumentation. Effective control systems will provide accurate and reliable data and information.
  • Safety: A control systems provides the ability to control devices and systems within a production / manufacturing process remotely. Heavy hand hazardous machinery can thus be operated by control panels located at a safe distance for operators. This reduces the risk of injury, providing safer operating procedures for employees.

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