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Control Systems Engineering

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Control Systems Engineering – AGE Technologies

AGE Technologies is a leading automation company, designing and implementing effective control systems for our clients in various industries. AGE Technologies offers advanced control system and engineering solutions for various company automation and control system integration needs. AGE Technologies is a leading supplier and developer of advanced control systems and engineering solutions that will meet the necessary requirements as specified by the company, and perform efficiently for excellent process integration and control.

Talk to a consultant at AGE Technologies about your control system engineering requirements, and we will supply you with an advanced control system to fit your company process needs.

Control Systems - Purpose and Benefits

A control system is a set of devices that are integrated into a company’s processes which will regulates the behaviour of other devices or systems. A control system thus manages, commands, directs, or regulates the behaviour of other devices or systems through the use of control loops. An effective control system offers a number of benefits to the company such as:

  • Identifying problem areas in production
  • Providing detailed reports to aid in decision-making
  • Quality assurance and uniformity
  • Cost-saving benefits

Control system engineering by AGE Technologies

AGE Technologies aim to provide clients with a control system that will meet all the requirements to ensure a successful system integration. Our control system engineering team will conceptualise, design and implement an automation / control systems that will help the company to run smooth and efficient processes for increased productivity and top quality results.

Our control system engineering system entails the following:

  • Electrical engineering: We will supply and implement the correct electrical equipment for excellent process control, and provide solutions for challenges faced by the company.
  • Process control: Current processes will be analysed by AGE Technologies’ experienced team, in order to determine the best equipment for the 
  • Installation, Design Operation and Maintenance (IDOM): AGE Technologies will provide a comprehensive manual that includes IO Lists, Panel Layouts, Network Layouts, Instrument Data sheets, Instrument Lists, Electrical Schematics, Loop Diagrams etc. AGE Technologies will provide all the technical support required to ensure the control system runs smoothly and hassle free.
  • Training: AGE Technologies provides PLC / SCADA training courses for our clients' benefit.

AGE Technologies makes use of the best automation and electrical equipment, drives, power and energy products from industry leaders, including:

  • Connectwell
  • Androit
  • Siemens
  • Wonderware
  • Control Techniques
  • ABB
  • Rockwell Automation
  • Schneider Electric

Our team of Systems and Control Engineers will analyse, optimise, control, and design a complex system that will ultimately bring together all the several engineering fields, to make your system work efficiently and perform as desired.

Contact AGE Technologies about your control system engineering needs

AGE Technologies is a leading control system engineering service provider, having assisted many small, medium and large companies to achieve successful integration of the required control / automation system. Our team will analyse your system needs in order to provide you with a control system that meets you company requirements and performs as desired. Talk to a professional consultant at Age Technologies today for more information about our control system engineering solutions – leading control system engineers.

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