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SCADA Control Systems Service Provider - AGE Technologies

AGE Technologies is a leading supplier and systems integrator of all the major SCADA control systems and industrial networking platforms. With extensive experience in the field of control system hardware and software integration, AGE Technologies will engineer the perfect control system to meet our client’s process requirements. Whether your company would simply like to upgrade the existing control system, or implement a complete new SCADA control system to manage industrial / production processes, AGE Technologies will formulate an efficient and cost-effective solution.

Contact AGE Technologies today for your SCADA Control System integration - a consultant will provide your company with all the information you require.

SCADA systems from AGE Technologies

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is a control system comprising of software and hardware elements that allow industrial organisations such as production companies to:

  • Manage / control industrial processes on-site or from a remote location;
  • Keep record of production data and statistics;
  • Monitor and process real-time data via the operator interfaces;
  • Control large-scale processes by interacting directly with devices such as sensors, valves, pumps, motors and more.

Large-scale production / industrial companies greatly benefit from SCADA control systems. Let AGE Technologies implement an effective control system in your company to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Maintain process efficiency: An efficient SCADA control system provides the ability to maintain process efficiency, by using and monitoring system processes and data.
  • Use process data for better decision-making: Data captured can be used to make more informed decisions regarding process management, ensuring more effective business decisions.
  • Manage system problems and minimise down-time: Process issues are easily detected, which can help solve problems efficiently and minimise the duration of down-time.
  • Cost-saving: More efficient use of material and processes can save your company on costs, a main benefit of an effective SCADA control system.

AGE Technologies is experienced in integration of the following SCADA control systems in South Africa:

  • Wonderware Intouch HMI Software
  • ArchestraA architecture Software
  • Adroit Technologies SCADA systems
  • FactoryLink SCADA Software
  • Siemens Simatic WinCC HMI Software
  • Rockwell RSView 32 SCADA Software
  • Vijeo Citect - Schneider Electric and Citec

Contact the leaders in SCADA control system integration - AGE Technologies

AGE Technologies is a trusted electrical engineering company located in South Africa, that have supplied a number of companies with SCADA control system solutions to help streamline processes and provide valuable information to decision-makers. Let AGE Technologies assist by helping your company to integrate a tailored SCADA control system solution to increases productivity and save your company on costs. Talk to a consultant at AGE Technologies today for assistance.