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Automation Systems Integration Projects 

    AGE Technologies has been providing Electrical, Control and Instrumentation solutions for more than 20 years to South African and global companies. Our Certification across all the major Control System suppliers including Siemens, Schneider, Rockwell, ABB, Mitsubishi, Adroit and Wonderware coupled with our TUV ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system minimise the risk to our customers in delivering large Automation and Control projects. Within the 4Sight group AGE Technologies ensure seamless integration between the Control Layer and the MES layer.

    We've provided professional System Integration of Automation and Electrical Engineering projects into the following Industries:

    All projects in AGE Technologies are managed by a project management professional from our PMO office and follows PMBOK standards. The company is divided into five revenue streams with supporting functions from Sales, Engineering, Services, Project Management and Finance. More than 70% of AGE Technologies’ employees are skilled in the engineering field with vast knowledge

    Process Automation Company in South Africa

    Process automation involves the use of software engineering and computer technology to aid factories and power plants in a wide variety of industries, such as cement, paper, and mining. Automation also helps companies to operate much more safely and efficiently.

    Being a lean enterprise, AGE is driven by a team of dedicated individuals who are customer focused and committed to technical and service excellence.

    Our Mission
    By providing products, systems and services, we wish to make a greener world by digitizing, visualizing and optimizing, using tomorrow’s technology today.

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    Background and Technology regarding Process Automation

    If process automation was absent, then it was up to plant operators to physically monitor the quality of outputs and performance values in order to determine the best settings on which to run production equipment. Unsafe operating conditions and operational inefficiency is usually the result of maintenance having to be carried out at set intervals by plant operators.

    Process automation simplifies the above process by means of sensors located at thousands of different spots around the plant which collects data on flows, temperatures, pressures, etc. The information is then stored and analyzed on a computer. Thus, the entire plant and every piece of production equipment can be monitored on a large screen in the control room. To achieve optimum production, plant operating settings are then adjusted automatically. If necessary, plant operators are able to override automation systems manually.

    As an automation technologies based company, specializing in the provision of Automation Turnkey Projects, we provide turnkey solutions in:

    • Plant and Machine projects
    • Industrial and Electrical projects
    • Mining projects
    • Commissioning of Automation projects


    Process Automation and Energy Efficiency

    Become Energy Efficient - ASK US HOW


    Renewable Energy Certification

    It is very important to realize that a solar Photovoltaic (PV) system is a significant engineering project that should comply to the applicable international standards. Such a solution should be designed correctly to meet the customer’s demand and to determine the maximum financial benefit to the customer.

    The Standards for PV Power Plants and equipment is unfortunately not keeping pace with the latest technology. AGE as a leader and member of SAPVIA (South African Photo Voltaic Industry Association), SAESA (South African Energy Storage Association) as well as a registered PVGreenCard Installer and comply with the IEC standards for all our equipment and manufacturing.



    One thing that all factory owners have in common is the need for their equipment to deliver the highest output with as little production cost as possible. On average, energy costs represent between 30-50 percent of the total production cost in a lot of industries, especially those producing petrochemicals, gas, and oil.

    In process automation, the computer program makes use of measurements to identify a couple of things. These include showing how the plant is working, simulating different operating modes as well as finding an optimal strategy for the plant. A unique characteristic of automation is its ability to “learn” and “predict” trends. This helps speeding up the response time to changing conditions.

    The software and controls of automation ensures the correct regulation of equipment to run at its optimum speed that requires the least energy. Consistency of quality is also ensured this way, which means less energy is wasted in the production of products that turn out to be defective. Process automation is also able to predict when maintenance should be done. Less time and energy is thus spent on routine inspections, which mean focusing on those issues that really need attention.


    We measure our success by the solutions we provide and the value we add for our clients

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