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Off-Grid Solar Systems in South Africa - AGE Technologies

Off-grid solar systems are used in situations where there is no connection or access to conventional energy sources, or in cases where the user would like to become completely energy independent and will not require the use of conventional electricity. The solar system will generate all the power that is required, and a battery pack is used to store excess power for use during times when the solar panels cannot generate power (at night and during cloudy days when the sun is not shining).

AGE Technologies supplies and installs effective off-grid solar systems in South Africa, and will install a system that meets your application requirements. Read more below about the specifications of AGE Technologies' off-grid solar systems, or contact us today to speak to a professional consultant about your off-grid solar system needs.

About off-grid solar systems in South Africa form AGE Technologies

The 3000 Watt off-grid cabin setup form AGE Technologies includes:

  • 14x 6 Volt batteries, rated 220 Ah @ 20h discharge
  • The system is wired for 12V
  •  Copper buss bars offer versatility for future expansion
  • Cat5e and AC electrical cables trenched from garage (location of batteries and inverter) to cabin 40 feet away
  • 810W of solar panels

Off-grid solar systems from AGE Technologies allow you to store your solar power in batteries for use when the power grid goes down.  The systems also provide power to offset the grid power whenever the sun is shining. Excess power will be sent to the grid to bank for later use. See the specifications of AGE Technologies' grid-tied and off-grid solar systems  available, or contact us today.

AGE Technologies - leading supplier of solar systems in South Africa

AGE Technologies is a leading electrical engineering company in South Africa, supplying and installing grit-tied and off-grid solar systems. If you are looking to install a complete off-grid solar system in South Africa, let the professionals assist. Our highly trained and experienced team will advise you on the perfect system for your solar energy needs, and provide you with the necessary support for an effective solar system.

Contact AGE Technologies today to speak to a knowledgeable consultant about installing an off-grid solar system. Get a professional service, state-of-the-art solar system and competitive prices when trusting AGE Technologies with your solar system needs.