Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

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Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

What is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES)?

A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) can assist your company in gaining a competitive edge over your competitors and also help you to become a successful manufacturer in your business sphere. A MES has the ability to increase profit margins and improve business performance. Manufacturing Execution System solutions enable production, plant, IT, and corporate managers to increase production and profitability ass well as improve on their overall equipment efficiencies. This is done through transforming and presenting real-time information in the business context throughout your enterprise. In order to deliver a significant return on investment within 6-12 months, a MES makes use of a non-invasive, modular approach, leverages open technologies, and complements existing IT and automation systems.

How do I implement a Manufacturing Execution System (MES)?

When making the decision to undertake a new project, you have to start by taking small steps; small steps that you take with the motivation to (i) get everyone’s “Buy In”, and (ii) invest a significant amount of money which will improve overall efficiency and thus help the company become more profitable.  

It is important to measure performance in “Real Time”. It is impossible to implement any plant optimization or improve any efficiency without measuring the performance of your plant in “Real Time”. A Manufacturing Execution System enables you to see if your equipment is running, and at what efficiency. It is like having a dashboard in your office with a speedometer and odometer on each machine.

Once the performance measurement has been implemented, it is up to Management to determine acceptable levels of production. Each machine’s performance should be benchmarked against other machines; each operator should be benchmarked against another operator; and each shift should be benchmarked against another shift.

After benchmarking is completed, a complete “Down Time Analysis” should take place. Questions that should be answered through the analysis include: why did my machine stand?; where are the bottle necks?; what machines are not reliable?

SMS technology performs an important function within a Manufacturing Execution System. SMS technology is used to SMS the technician when a plant has a failure. This makes it possible that the technician will know of problems even before the operator. SMS technology is also used if a shift on the weekend or night is not performing; this allows for corrective action to be taken in “Real Time”.

Next, cost calculation should be performed on each item produced. Once you know how much time each item costs to produce you are able to calculate your capital cost, your production salary cost, and also measure the energy cost going into the production of each item.

Energy efficiency is going to be a big consideration to all companies in the future.

How much does a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) cost?

The Manufacturing Execution System costs as much as you want to spend. A MES is about saving money and subsequently becoming more profitable. Each company is unique and there is therefore no “off the shelf” solution for your company.

After having had a look at your plant, and after careful monitoring your first two machines, it is possible that we are roughly looking at less than One Hundred Thousand Rand. However, that does not imply that every machine will cost Fifty Thousand Rand. We need to install a computer in your office that can log all the data. We also need one viewing license on your office network to make it possible for someone to view the “Dash Board” on their own computer. A Fiber Optic Network between buildings needs to be put in to allow the new Ethernet Network to function properly, as well as some Fiber to Copper converters.

How long does a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) take to implement?

This is determined by the Management of the plant. It can be done incrementally, and will totally depend on the enthusiasm shown by Management to improve efficiencies on a continuous basis. We do not push solutions onto any Management that does not want to use it; we are here to help Management achieve and exceed their own goals, using the latest in good business technology solutions.

Why choose AGE Technologies with regards to a Manufacturing Execution System (MES)?

AGE Technologies has been supplying technological solutions to its customers for 14 years; we still have those same customers today. We pride ourselves on being our customers’ technology solution partners. They rely on us to solve their technological problems and make them more efficient by keeping abreast of the latest technology and giving them the best service possible.

We offer the Manufacturing Execution System, a solution that will be the most cost effective in the medium to long term. Our relationship with all of our major customers is based upon mutual respect for one another’s abilities.