Industrial Wireless Networks

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Industrial Wireless Networking Hardware in South Africa

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Due to the fact that industrial wireless networks are starting to play such an important role in businesses and their subsequent success means that the supply and installation thereof has gone through the roof. Various office resources such as printers, faxes, and data are all shared nowadays. Because people work together on projects, sharing information has become the norm. Whether your colleague shares your office, a building, or is from another part of the world, you need to get information through to them via the internet and e-mails. Industrial wireless networks have an important role to play here.        

The knowledge that the employees of AGE has regarding industrial wireless networks played an important role in convincing customers to replace a paper based information system with industrial wireless networks. These networks will make it possible for your employees to collaborate on the same items of work, sometimes with workflow applications that help them manage the sequence of tasks for different business processes. Some customers use their internal network systems to organize and share information across the company using an intranet – like a scaled-down private version of the Internet. This enables them to completely reduce paper based information, while facilitating the process of sharing knowledge throughout the business. Employees can thus share information no matter where their colleagues are located. They will make it easier to manage the sequence of tasks for the various processes within the business. These networks are also quite helpful when the need arises to extend a business through secure extranets. This way selected information are put available to both employees and customers, as well as facilitating the communication between them. 

Wireless Network Security

As soon as they are up and running with the Internet, security becomes an issue and, with broadband services providing an "always connected" service, the opportunity for hackers may increase. This is why we always help our customers implement stringent security precautions with regards to wireless networks, placing a ‘firewall’ around their systems and data to prevent unauthorized access. We also help them install and manage anti-virus software to the wireless networks in order to minimize any risk.
Our industrial wireless network and Internet security solutions help our customers implement safe high-speed connections to the Internet and between individual branch offices. We also offer their staff Internet browsing while blocking unproductive surfing, and filter out viruses and email spam, without having to maintain anti-virus and firewall software on every PC they use.
All small or medium-size business needs wireless networks that contain the following:
  • Internet routing and connectivity;
  • Firewall, web caching, web server;
  • Anti-virus;
  • File transfer (FTP) server;
  • Email server;
  • Access control and URL filtering;
  • Windows file and print server;
  • DNS server; and
  • Management reporting.

Industrial Wireless Networks