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Grid Tie in Solar Systems in South Africa – Age Technologies

If you are in need of a supplier of grid tie in solar system solutions, the Age Technologies can assist. Age Technologies is at the forefront of technology when it comes to solar energy systems and solutions for commercial and industrial application.

Age Technologies is a leading system integration service provider, supplying many clients in Africa with advanced systems to fit their company needs. Our solar systems are a perfect addition to our automation systems, helping companies and clients to become independent regarding their energy needs. Should you need more information about our grid tie in solar system available in South Africa, contact Age Technologies today.

About grid tie in solar systems from Age Technologies

Grid tied or on-grid solar systems are the most common solar PV systems that only generate power when the power grid is available and interface with the grid to send excess power out when you are overproducing so you can bank it for later use (this type of system is attached, or ‘tied’ to the existing electrical grid of the home or building).

There are many benefits when opting for on-grid (grid tie in solar systems) for your home or business. This is a very cost effective method when it comes to solar energy, and a very simple solution for clients. Once installed, the system will pay for itself by offsetting utility bills in approximately 6 to 10 years. On condition that the solar system generates more electricity than the household consumes, the electricity used will be free.

Should you need more information about Age Technologies grid tie in solar system solutions, or off-grid options, contact us today for more information. Read more about our solar energy systems specifications and information for a better understanding of how these systems will work, and why solar energy is so beneficial for consumers.

Contact Age Technologies for professional installation of your grid-tied solar system in South Africa

If you are looking to install an on-grid / grid tie in solar system solution in your home or business, Age Technologies will assist. We will offer you the best advice and solution for your solar power needs, ensuring that you get the most suitable solar solution for you needs.

Our team of professional will ensure that your grid tie in solar system is installed professionally to get the most benefit thereof for you. Contact our friendly and professional team today to get a quote to install your grid tie in solar system solution in South Africa.

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