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Green Energy Solutions in South Africa - AGE Technologies

What exactly is 'Green Energy'? Green energy is defined as power that is generated from renewable energy resources, and uses a natural energetic processes that causes little to no pollution. More and more companies and individuals are seeking green energy solutions for their power requirements, due to a number of reasons.

If you are looking for a green energy solution for your personal or company's energy needs, let Age Technologies assist. AGE Technologies is a leading Electrical Engineering company, providing a number of solutions for our clients' green energy needs. Talk to a professional consultant today for assistance, and to select the best green energy solution for your specific needs.

Advantages of green energy solutions

As previously stated, there are a number of reasons why companies and individuals are seeking green energy solutions, especially in South Africa. Here are a few reasons and advantages of using green energy as your main energy source:

  • Become energy independent: Having your own source of energy means that you / your company will become energy independent, and will not be affected when there are power outage. You business will proceed as normal, as you will be using energy generated by your green energy system.
  • Lower your carbon footprint: Individuals and companies are becoming more aware of the environment and the devastating effects of pollution. By making use of green energy, companies and individuals will lower their carbon footprint, and doing their part for the environment. It will also ensure that larger companies adhere to environmental regulations in term of pollution and CO2 emissions.
  • Save on energy costs: The rising cost of electricity is probably a number one reason why individuals and companies are seeking alternative energy solutions. Although the initial setup of your green energy system could be quite costly, companies and individuals will definitely save on costs in the long run, by lowering their utility bills immensely or even completely.

Green energy solutions from AGE Technologies

There are a few Green energy solutions to choose from in South Africa, the most common being solar energy solutions. Solar energy systems are seen more and more in residential, industrial and commercial applications, due to the many advantages of these energy systems. Solar systems use renewable energy from the sun, captured by the cells in the photovoltaic panels, and turned into energy suitable for use. Solar systems are low maintenance and extremely effective power generation systems, that will lower utility bills and assist the user to become energy independent. Solar systems are also ideal to provide energy in remote locations, where connectivity to conventional energy supply would be too costly or not possible.

Contact AGE Technologies today for more information about our green energy solutions, and to find a suitable solution for you.