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It is a well known fact that switching technology is improving all the time. As a direct consequence of this, Etherwan Ethernet switches have turned into a feasible network technology to be utilized in real time control networks. Traffic signals are a good example of where Etherwan Ethernet switches are applied to good use. Seeing as the signals used in these switches are separated from each other on a geographical basis, the associated control cabinets connect individually to one main place.   This central location, as it is commonly known, is in actual fact a branched topology of Ethernet switch nodes. Looking at the example of traffic lights again, it is clear that due to their nature quite a number of segment lengths are involved. Fibre-optic cable will thus for instance be the preferred connection media for traffic lights. However, depending on the specific product at hand, each will use a different choice of connection media. This can easily lead to challenges related to troubleshooting and network integrity. 

 As can be derived from the above segment, the fibre optic utilized in these switches are of a distinct manufacture and design. It can thus be assumed that Etherwan Ethernet switches thrive in conditions that are quite harsh in nature. Industries where they are widely used the world over include security surveillance, transportation, as well as industrial automation. One of the first ever projects that made use of these switches were the connection of roadside traffic cabinets. The traffic lights mentioned earlier links up well here. Large companies in the Industrial Automation market also utilize Ethernet switches because of the manufacture and design they offer.

A well known series of Etherwan Ethernet switches that was specially designed for operation on factory floors in harsh conditions is the EX61000 series. It is quite impressive to know that the EX61000 series of Etherwan Ethernet switches are able to operate in temperatures ranging from -10°C to 60°C. Those working in the industry can rely on EX61000 Ethernet switches to provide only the very best communication. The EX61000 is a managed switch with the flexibility of eight 10/100 Ethernet ports. It also has the additional option of being configured in many different combinations of fibre optic and copper interfaces. If the flexibility of them is not found to be fully up to scratch, the addition of a 9th port might be necessary. A 9th port will function as a Gigabit Ethernet interface; it is made up of both fibre optics and copper. Thus, if you are in need of more flexibility, the EX61000 series of Ethernet switches is just what you need. It will fit any application that needs tough and environmentally hardened Etherwan Ethernet switches.

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