Different SCADA Control System Processes

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Understanding the different SCADA Control System Processes

The process of SCADA Control Systems can be either industrial, infrastructure, or facility based:

  • Industrial Processes

Includes those of production, fabrication, manufacturing, refining, and power generation. Industrial processes may run in discrete, repetitive, batch, or continuous modes.

  • Infrastructure Processes

These may be private or public. Infrastructure processes include oil and gas pipelines, civil defense siren systems, electrical power transmission and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment, large communication systems, and water treatment and distribution.

  • Facility Processes

Occur both in private facilities and public ones, which includes space stations, ships, airports, and buildings. They monitor and control HVAC, access, and energy consumption.

Standard Solutions for Water Distribution SCADA Control Systems:

1. Local Control and Data Acquisition

The technology used today at pump stations and reservoirs are small Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s). Not only do these acquire local status of pumps, valves, intruder alarms, levels, pressures etc., but it can also perform manual control and safety interlocking if no communications from the control room is available.

2. Radio / Communication Network

The different options that you can choose from include:

a.) Serial Radio Network

Radios can be used for the implementation of a Master Slave Serial Communication Network. Although “Old Technology”, it is still very effective.

b.) Use SMS Technology on the Mobile Phone Network

Making use of SMS’s to update and control reservoirs and pumps is a viable way if you want to use somebody else’s network. It is basically the same as outsourcing the network. However, the problem is that it may not be available at all the sites and the monthly cost of calls can get rather expensive.

c.) Implement an Ethernet Radio Network

By utilizing an Ethernet Radio Network you would be implementing a network that is open and versatile for other uses, such as video, voice etc. The cost of adding an Ethernet device to the network is also a lot cheaper. Most companies make use of this option at the moment.

3. SCADA Control Room

SCADA Control Systems are widely used for control rooms. One enhancement that people like to implement is a SMS facility which enables the SCADA Control System to automatically SMS technical, operations or security staff regarding important events or occurrences.

AGE Technologies has been involved with the following SCADA Control System projects:

  • Inkangala Water – Mpumalanga

We implemented a SCADA Control System with telemetry, local controllers and instrumentation for the pumping and storage of clean water to over 22 storage reservoirs.

  • Tshwane Pumps Stations – Gauteng

We implement, improve and maintain most of the pump stations in the Tshwane Municipal District on a continual basis.

  • Rand Water – Gauteng

We have been involved with many of the pump and dosing stations for Rand Water.

  • Zimplats – Zimbabwe

We implemented Radio Telemetry Systems which is used for Material and Water System Management.

  • ArcelorMittal – Gauteng: -

We implemented a Radio Telemetry System for Coal Handling / Blending and Receiving.