Commercial and Industrial Solar Solutions

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Commercial and Industrial Solar Solutions

In today's day and age, renewable energy is definitely the way to go for companies and businesses in commercial and industrial environments. Green energy is a sustainable solution for power demands in commercial and industrial environments, providing a cost-effective and reliable energy supply for companies, businesses and individuals.  

When it comes to your commercial and industrial solar solutions, AGE Technologies is the solar service provider for you. AGE Technologies is a member of SAPVIA (South African Photo Voltaic Industry Association), SAESA (South African Energy Storage Association) and is also a registered PVGreenCard Installer that comply with the IEC standards for all equipment and manufacturing aspects. You can thus rest assured that our skilled and experienced team will provide the best tailored solar power solution for your needs. The team from AGE Technologies will formulate a solution that meets your commercial or industrial energy demands, providing you with a reliable energy solution. Contact Age Technologies today to discuss your commercial or industrial solar solution.

One-stop solar service provider

AGE Technologies will manage every aspect of the solar system project from start to finish. AGE's solar solution involves the following steps:

  • Feasibility: During the feasibility stage a load study will be conducted in order to determine the energy demands and required capacity of the solar system. A budget estimate and financial modelling will be drawn up, which will be included in the client's proposal.
  • Execution: Once the proposal has been accepted by the client, the execution of the project will start. After the contract has been awarded, a detailed design and development plan will be put into place. Procurement and manufacturing will begin on all components of the commercial / industrial solar system, after which installation and commissioning will take place. Once completed, the project will be handed over to the client.
  • Maintenance and support: The maintenance phase covers online monitoring of the solar system, as well s a maintenance and support service by our professional team.

Advantages of industrial / commercial solar systems

There are many benefits and reasons for installing solar systems in commercial and industrial environments, which include:

  • You will become energy independent
  • Solar energy offers a reliable energy supply
  • No running costs involved with solar systems
  • Solar systems offer long term cost saving benefits
  • Solar energy is environmentally friendly (does not use the earth's valuable resources)
  • It is a sustainable and self-funding energy option
  • Enjoy energy saving benefits once the system is paid-off
  • Tax benefits
  • Less exposure to conventional energy supply tariff increases.

Get in touch with a professional consultant at the leading Solar Energy service provider in Africa. Let our professional team design, develop and install an effective and reliable industrial or commercial solar system for your business' energy needs. Become energy independent with AGE Technologies.