Manufacture Monitoring

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Manufacture Monitoring: What is it all about?

Manufacture monitoring, or rather the concept for monitoring the manufacture of objects consisting of multiple material layers, plays an important role in the manufacturing process. Manufacture monitoring further implies that the manufacture of an object consisting of multiple material layers successfully built up one upon the other can be monitored in an advantageous manner. This means that after the application of a material layer, a height profile of a circumference of the object is established. After the application of each material layer, manufacture monitoring involves a comparison with reference information to be used for evaluating whether the preceding production step delivered a result which enables to draw the conclusion of a faultless application of the material layer.

Examples of Manufacture Monitoring in the Manufacturing Industry

Numerous applications exist in which manufacture monitoring plays a role. Thus, applications in which parts are produced on an industrial scale from multiple individual layers by successfully layering the individual layers or by winding the layers around a winding core. As an example of manufacture monitoring, electric coils are wound from wires and thus successfully built for layer. Another example of manufacture monitoring is rotor blades for wind energy plants, seeing as they are in part also manufactured by winding individual layers of a suitable material onto a basic frame. In all manufacture monitoring methods, the aim is to obtain, at the end of the manufacture monitoring process, an object having a desired three-dimensional design. 

Importance of Manufacture Monitoring

The production of preformed parts consisting of multiple layers of a material or wires is a good method for monitoring the manufacture of objects which consist of multiple material layers. Thus, a good overall method related to manufacture monitoring. Manufacture monitoring of objects consisting of multiple material layers, by which the manufacture of such object can be monitored more precisely and efficiently, is of the utmost importance.