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When working in an industrial environment, the rule applies that only industrial type machinery is used.  This is due to the fact that they are much more durable, strong and resistant to elements such as dust, dirt, water and friction.  One would think that this rule only applies to machinery or industrial vehicles but it is just as important to make use of industrial computer workstations as well. 

Industrial computer manufacturers and industrial computer outlets like Age Technologies pride themselves in the sales of industrial computers, keyboard, mouse and workstations that have been specially designed with a number of features that are able to withstand the harsh industrial environment. 


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Some of the elements within these environments are:

  • Dust and dusty areas like warehouses, factories and workshops.
  • Areas with water and steam for instance work stations at restaurants and cafeterias.
  • Areas with a lot of debris for instance butchery counters.

These industrial computers, mouse, keyboards and workstations have been designed with the following features that are resistant to the above as well as making it user-friendly for easy access.

AGE Technology's Industrial computers  innovative designs include the following

  • Touch screens for improved user-friendliness.
  • Large monitors for easy view.
  • USB MIDI Interface.
  • SD card backup slot.
  • Available in colours ranging from black, white and silver for easy view.
  • External power supply.
  • Protective covering on keyboards, mouse, monitor and workstation for resistance to dust.
  • Protective water-proof covering on all items for water-resistance.
  • Easy cleaning and low maintenance needed for a longer life span within the harsh environments.
  • Flat keyboard with no openings in between for dust resistance.
  • Lightweight models for easy transport and set up in any environment.

The use of industrial computers and workstations have proven to be much more versatile and cost effective as they can function properly in any environment, have a longer life span and therefore needs less replacement as when compared to standard items being used in an industrial environment and have therefore become very popular in use throughout all industrial sectors.

Age Technologies are proud suppliers of a full range of industrial system tools including industrial keyboards and work stations, network panels, instruments and PLC’s that, along with their professional and comprehensive knowledge and high quality customer service will make your daily functioning within the industrial world much more productive and therefore successful. Call them today for assistance with your specific needs.

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