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Age Technologies is a leading supplier of industrial computer systems, supplying clients across South Africa with high quality state-of-the-art computer systems for their needs. Industrial computer systems from Age Technologies are customisable, offering industrial components from top computer system manufacturers.

If you are in need of an industrial computer system that is durable and meets your company needs, talk to a consultant at Age Technologies today. We will provide you a solution that is cost-effective and tailored to your company’s specific requirements. Contact us for more information and to find a suitable industrial computer system solution.


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About Industrial Computer Systems from Age Technologies

Industrial Computer Systems are largely used for process control and data acquisition. In some cases, an industrial computer is simply used as a front-end to another control system in a widespread processing environment. Industrial computer systems are designed with different features, suitable for industrial and working environments – this includes features focussed on reliability, compatibility, options to expand and long-term supply.

Age Technologies offers custom software processes, as well as turnkey software systems and solutions to meet the needs of our clients. For a comprehensive hardware and software solution for your company’s process control system, contact Age Technologies today for assistance.

AGE Technology's Industrial computers feature innovative designs include the following

  • Touch screens for improved user-friendliness.
  • Large monitors for easy view.
  • USB MIDI Interface.
  • SD card backup slot.
  • Available in colours ranging from black, white and silver for easy view.
  • External power supply.
  • Protective covering on keyboards, mouse, monitor and workstation for resistance to dust.
  • Protective water-proof covering on all items for water-resistance.
  • Easy cleaning and low maintenance needed for a longer life span within the harsh environments.
  • Flat keyboard with no openings in between for dust resistance.
  • Lightweight models for easy transport and set up in any environment.

View our range of industrial computer systems for sale on our website to see our products and specifications, or contact a consultant at Age Technologies today for more information.

Contact Age Technologies about our Industrial Computer Systems

Age Technologies is a leading service provider in the field of information technology, providing clients with high quality and cost-effective system solutions, including system and software engineering. If you are searching for suitable and efficient industrial computer systems, contact the leading industrial computer service providers in South Africa today.

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