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ControlLogix PLC Training in South Africa

ControlLogix PLC Training in South Africa

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Within the electrical fields, there is a constant strive to be the top of your game and therewith beat your rivalry.  One way of doing this is by keeping yourself and your staff updated through the latest ControlLogix PLC Training South Africa has to offer.  Although you might have extensive knowledge on the subject, below you will find the advantageous features that Age Technologies can bring you through our advanced ControlLogix PLC Training.

Who should attend our ControlLogix PLC Training courses?

  • All PLC Allen Bradley controllogix programmers that need to have a better understanding of the controllogix software.
  • For all PLC Allen Bradley users to learn this innovative course material’s advantageous features.

ControlLogix PLC Training consists of the following segments:

A pre-knowledge training course must be attended by all students to identify their controllogix knowledge prior to the commencement of the training.

The main ControlLogix PLC Training consists of the following features and will teach all Controllogix attendees the following vital points:

  • To teach them an advanced level of knowledge on all updated ControlLogix PLC software.
  • To enable them to distinguish, scrutinize and be more effective within the RSLogix 5000 plc program fields.
  • Improved programming performance through the use of the RSLogix 5000 programming software.
  • Improved programming skills by making use of the function block diagram and sequential function chart.
  • Better programming performance by making use of the structured text.
  • To be able to interpret detailed process control technology.
  • Improved digital input and output knowledge.
  • Improved analogue input and output knowledge.
  • Better access to information on status from the processor.
  • To be able to follow sequencer instructions and the RSLogix 5000 programs to its maximum capacity.
  • How to be able to connect to OPC and DDE servers.
As the focus of Age Technologies’ service is aimed at technology based information and service, we only make use of expertly trained mentors with many years of experience within this field and therewith bring you only the highest quality in ControlLogix PLC Training in South Africa at all times. 

Our ControlLogix PLC Training consists of presentations, theory, examples and also practical exercised that will be sure to fully encapsulate the advantageous features of our controllogix plc training.

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