Simatic S7 Programming Course

Simatic S7 programming course in South Africa

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There is a constant struggle within the engineering world to be the best in the industry and only factors such as long hours, commitment and adequate information enable you to keep ahead of your game.  Age Technologies are hereby proud to announce that we offer Simatic S7 programming courses in South Africa.

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The target market of our Simatic S7 programming course is:

  • Engineers in the fields of configuring, design and the commissioning of Simatic S7 controllers.
  • It will provide information to both the entry level and in depth world of Simatic S7.

A Simatic S7 programming course includes:

  • Getting to know the Simatic S7 family.
  • The different programming strategies.
  • Simatic S7’s array of manager and customizing features.
  • How to construct and deal with different modules.
  • All about CPU features, codes and tables.
  • How to create tasks in LAD, STL and FBD.
  • How to successfully accomplish the cyclic program.
  • How to learn the basic functions and jumps of Simatic S7.
  • How to master the different number formats, timers and counters.
  • How to successfully handle all data such as arrays and structures.
  • How to diagnose with B, I and L stacks.
  • How to observe and adapt variables and debugging procedures.
  • How to test the correct function of programs by making use of breakpoints.
  • Considerations during OB’s and start-ups.
  • How to correctly document, save and archive.
  • Successful communication through MPI and GD table and subnets.
  • How to configure multi computer operation.
  • The principles of integrated automation.
  • Languages discussion of S7 - GRAPH, S7 - HIGRAPH & S7 – SCL.
As we at Age Technologies focus on technology based service and expertise, we are constantly striving to keep ourselves up to date with the latest in technology regarding our Simatic S7 programming courses in South Africa.  We furthermore only make use of highly qualified mentors to ensure that the information brought to you is of the highest quality available in the country.

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