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Leading PLC Company in South Africa - AGE Technologies

If you are in search of PLC companies in South Africa, AGE Technologies can assist. As a leading electrical engineering and automation company, you can expect a professional service and state-of-the-art PLC systems and components for your company's control system needs.

An effective PLC system is a necessity for every production or manufacturing company. Let the professional team from AGE Technologies design and implement a PLC that meets your company requirements. AGE Technologies will manage the project from start to finish, ensuring that your company is satisfied with the system. Get in touch with a consultant at AGE Technologies, leading PLC company in South Africa, today.

What is a PLC / Programmable Logic Controller?

A PLC or programmable logic controller is a specialised computer system comprising of specific hardware and software, which is used to control machines and processes. This PLC System is designed by PLC companies like AGE Technologies, to meet specific needs. Production and manufacturing companies commonly use PLC's to help streamline and automate processes, promoting efficiency and productivity. Some of the advantages of an effective PLC include:

  • Increased productivity is a main reason for the implementation of a PLC in any production or manufacturing company. Processes are continuous and uninterrupted, ensuring the efficient use of material and time.
  • An effective PLC System also helps to identify problem areas, allowing management to make business and production decisions more effectively. Problems such as quality issues or bottle necks in the production process can easily be pin pointed to a certain area.
  • The rugged design of a PLC system makes it strong and robust, ideal for industrial environments. AGE Technologies, trusted PLC company in South Africa, will design and implement a PLC that meets all your company and process needs.
  • PLC's are easily programmed and have an easily understood programming language. AGE Technologies also offers PLC Training courses to ensure our clients can effectively work the PLC system.
  • PLC's are quite flexible, and can easily control various machines, providing excellent and valuable insights regards to production and processes.

For more information about installing a PLC, contact AGE Technologies today.

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Get in touch with a consultant at the trusted choice of PLC companies in South Africa today. Our team will assess your company needs, and design a system that comprises of top quality hardware from reputable manufacturers, combined with a state-of-the-art and user-friendly software programme. Read more about the following services provided by AGE Technologies: