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Modicon Quantum PLC Training in South Africa

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Within the software industry, although technology has brought forth wonderful advances into the business world but the fact is that even the best technician cannot always know all the answers to problems arising.  This is why Age Technologies has introduced our Modicon Quantum PLC Training in South Africa.   Our Modicon Quantum PLC Training course has been designed exclusively for maintenance staff members who need to deal with everyday issues with programs such as momentum, quantum, compact, TSX, micro and modicon premium series processors.

Our Modicon Quantum PLC Training course starts off with:

  • The basic points of Industrial automation.
  • It is needed though that every attendee must have former knowledge of Windows and general digital technology to be able to attend our training.

You will gain vital information from a Modicon Quantum PLC Training course which consists of:

  • To assist with an improved way of installation to therewith lessen standard problems.
  • To help them understand the equipment so as to not cause problems during installation that could arise at a later stage.
  • To inform of the difference and separate needs of the maintenance employees and the programming employees.
  • To understand the innovative design and programming needs of high level control structures.
  • To teach all maintenance employees to implement small changes or copy existing structures when rectifying a problem.

Topics that will be discussed during Modicon Quantum PLC Training can include:

  • Momentum, quantum, compact, TSX, micro and modicon premium systems hardware.
  • The process of proper electrical connections to all the different types and models.
  • To be able to extend, observe and record all software.
  • To be able to examine and find errors within different modules.
  • To know all the features of the MODSOFT, concept and PL7 systems.
  • To get to know all the different programming languages.
  • How to connect the PLC and terminal initialization.
  • How to administer analog cards and their limiting factors.
  • How to become familiar with the program’s newly designed features including analog input variables, communication cards and RIO.
  • How to enhance backup performance.
  • How to master PL7 application management and problem analysis.
  • How to correctly examine, adjust and force the variables.
  • How to correctly load and unload programs.
As we at Age Technologies only make use of highly qualified trainers and mentors we can safely say that after you have attended our Modicon Quantum PLC Training, you would have been taught the most up to date information throughout the entire industry of Modicon Quantum PLC Training.  Contact us for any assistance regarding your Modicon Quantum PLC Training needs.