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Water Quality Monitoring Instruments from Age Technologies

If you are in need of an instrument that can offer real-time water and waste water analysis? The ChemScan is a trusted water Chloramination analyser, providing users with automated and timely measurements and results, ideal for use in many industries that require water or waste water analysis.

Age Technologies is a leading electrical and engineering company, offering a range of services and products related to automation system integration, instrumentation and system engineering. If you are in need of a high quality, state of the art water quality monitoring instrument for industrial application, talk to a consultant at Age Technologies today. We will provide you with all the information you require to obtain the best water quality monitoring instrument for your needs.

About the ChemScan – Water quality analyser

The ChemScan Chloramination Analyser is a state of the art water quality analyser used for Chloramination monitoring and control in water and wastewater treatment plant applications. The features and benefits of the ChemScan Chloraminaion Analyser includes:

  • Multiple wave-length UV detection system with high accuracy
  • Considered the lowest cost system to operate and maintain when all factors are taken into account
  • No Ion-Specific electrodes to maintain and replace
  • Internal, automatic data logs of results
  • Automatic zero and self-cleaning capabilities
  • Low cost chemicals are used to complete the process

Capabilities of the ChemScan Chloramination Analyser for water monitoring include:

  • Continuous On-Line Automatic Monitoring of One or Two Sample lines
  • Four Parameter Analysis
  • Analog, Serial or MODBUS Output Capabili.es
  • Multiple Alarms (Optional)
  • Continual Self Diagnostics with Alarms
  • Detection Down to 0.02mg/l or less

Age Technologies have supplied many Chemscan Chloramination Analysers for the measurement of chlorine / chloramination in wastewater management at municipals and for use in other industries. When installing the ChemScan from Age Technologies, you are guaranteed of highly accurate instrumentation, low maintenance equipment and relatively low operating costs.

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Contact Age technologies for expert advice and to order your water quality analyser

Age Technologies has gained extensive experience in the supply, installation and operation of the ChemScan Water Quality / Chloramination Analyser. If you require more information, or would like to order the ChemScan water / waste water chloramination analyser for your plant or water treatment needs, talk to a consultant at Age Technologies today.

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