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VuWall - Control Room Video Wall Installation

If you need to upgrade your control room to stay up to date with the rapidly changing industrial environment and transformation to industry 4.0, let the team from AGE Technologies assist. AGE Technologies specialise in the installation and integration of high-tech video walls for control rooms, specifically VuWall video wall equipment and solutions.

AGE Technologies is a market leader in the field of video wall equipment, integration and connection for control rooms, and offer collaborative solutions for just about any industrial and commercial environment. Let the team from AGE Technologies formulate a state-of-the-art control room video wall solution, so that you can enjoy optimal benefits from your modern control room and equipment. Contact AGE Technologies today to discuss your control room video wall needs.

Modern equipment for improved control room efficiency

The control room forms the epitome of all operations, serving as a central control and monitoring station for systems which include security, infrastructure, communication and more. A control room video wall displays valuable and multiple streams of information for reports, decision-making, business functions and more.

VuWall control room video walls and solution offer a number of benefits for the end-user, such as:

  • Performance: VuWall Control Room Video Walls have been designed to simplify AV and network management solutions, offering more user-friendly interface for integrators and operators. VuWall supply control room video walls of superior quality for effective results and information displays.
  • Flexibility: AGE Technologies can tailor the AV video wall system from VuWall to the customer's specific design requirements, and there is no limit to the amount of screens in the layout. The Video Wall is not product specific and is configurable to connect with any combination of platforms via HDMI, IP Address or VGA.
  • Reliability: AGE Technologies provide clients with reliable solutions for control room display requirements, that are able to meet high demands and 24/7 operation.

Get a control room of the future from AGE Technologies

AGE Technologies have been assisting companies across South Africa to upgrade their control rooms, control systems and all aspects thereof to meet the modern-world demands. This includes the design, installation and integration of more simplified, sustainable and efficient control solutions that will facilitate increased performance and profits.

Let the team from AGE Technologies usher you into the modern-age of information, communication and control technologies, so that your company can stay on top of its game. Get in touch with AGE Technologies to discuss your control room video wall needs. With leading equipment from VuWall, a skilled team of integrators and extensive experience in the field, we will formulate the best solution for your company. Contact AGE Technologies today.