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Turnkey Automation Systems – Age Technologies

Age Technologies is a leading service provider of advanced turnkey automation systems in South Africa and other African countries; we provide clients with highly effective turnkey automation solutions for their production and process needs.

If you are seeking a system engineering and control system company in South Africa to assist with your automation integration, talk to a consultant at Age Technologies today. Our experienced team of engineers will assess your system requirements and offer a suitable package to your company. Contact Age Technologies today for more information about our turnkey automation systems.

The benefits of a turnkey automation system

The main reason for implementing a turnkey automation system in an industrial environment is to ensure more efficient production processes. There are however many other benefits for industrial companies when implementing an efficient turnkey automation system:

  • Reduce costs: When implementing a turnkey automation system, your company will save on costs for employees, as less hands will be required to complete the production process.
  • Improve quality: Repeatability and accuracy will be easier achieved by an automated system compared to an employee. This ensures continuous quality throughout the production process.
  • Increase production: A turnkey automation system will increase the production by decreasing production times.
  • Workplace Health and Safety: An automated system is ideal for tasks performed in hazardous areas, and with dangerous equipment. A turnkey automation system will ensure there are less work-related accidents.
  • Less human error: Less human hands in the production process will serve for less human errors.
  • High volume production: A turnkey automation system is ideal for application in high volume production.

Turnkey automation systems by Age Technologies

Age Technologies is a trusted name in the automation industry, and is considered a leading service provider of turnkey automation systems. Talk to us today about our system and software engineering services:

  • System engineering: Age Technologies will analyse your production and process systems and needs, after which we will determine the best turnkey automation system that fits your company requirements. Our automation systems include only the best automation and electrical equipment from leading manufacturers such as Siemens, Rockwell Automation, and Schneider Electric to name a few. Our engineers will provide the necessary technical support upon system implementation.
  • Software engineering: We offer efficient automation software to enhance and improve the efficiency of processes in our clients’ businesses. With efficient turnkey automation systems we aim to increase the quality and accuracy of the process output, save energy, and enhance efficiency. Our range includes manufacturing execution systems, management information systems, programmable logic controllers and control systems.

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