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Siemens is seen as one of the world’s leading developers of automation technology products and systems, engineered and manufactured for all industrial sectors. If you are looking for a service provider of Siemen Automation systems in South Africa, Age Technologies can assist. Age Technologies is a leading supplier of Siemens Automation systems for industrial application, and will offer you company an integrated solution to your automation implementation needs.

Contact Age Technologies today – Leading service provider for Siemens Automation system implementation and PLC training in South Africa.

Implementing Siemens Automation in South Africa from Age Technologies

A Siemens Automation system will provide seamless integration in manufacturing companies. Age Technologies is a proud service provider of Siemens Automation system, offering technical support and training for the following range of Siemens Automation systems and technology:

  • SIMATIC S7-400: The SIMATIC S7-400 is part of the process controller series. This Power Controller is ideal for system solutions in the manufacturing and process industries. The S7-400’s communications processors have multi-protocol capability, and has been designed for large tasks, such as the coordination of complete systems.
  •  SIMATIC S7-300: The Modular designed PLC is an innovative universal controller, offering an ideal system solution in the manufacturing industry. The S7-300’s communications processors have multi-protocol capability and facilitates a cost-effective stock of spare parts.
  • SIMATIC S7–200: Convincing Control Technology Combined with Step 7-Micro/WIN, the S7-200 can be configured, programmed and diagnosed remotely over Industrial Ethernet. This control system is a reliable and versatile system for micro automation application.

Our team at Age Technologies is experienced in Siemens automation systems, and will supply you with all the services, support and training you require for successful automation implementation. Siemens is renowned for its superior engineering and technology, providing a range of automation systems specifically designed to fit the needs of specific industries and their requirements.

Contact Age Technologies for Siemens Automation Systems in South Africa

If you are interested in implementing a Siemens Automation’s system in South Africa, contact Age Technologies today. Age Technologies will assess your automation system needs and supply you with the best Siemens automation systems that fits your requirements.

Age Technologies is a leading control system engineering service provider, and have assisted many companies small and large to achieve successful integration of the required control / automation system. Talk to a consultant about your automation system needs. Our team of engineers will provide you with a suitable, efficient and cost-effective solution, combining high-tech systems and software for the desired results.

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