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Security Technology Solutions

Considering the high crime rate in South Africa, business owners today simply can't afford not to install effective security systems in their companies. The installation of modern security technology solutions from AGE Technologies will help you to avoid being a target for crime, through the implementation of effective security measures.

The Information Communication Technology department at AGE Technologies specialise in the design of suitable and effective security solutions that address the client's specific needs. Get in touch with a Security Solution consultant today to discuss your company's security needs, and to get a competitive quote on the system you require.

Security Technology and Solutions from AGE Technologies

An effective business security system usually includes a number of devices, platforms and elements, to offer a reliable solution for the client. Security products from AGE Technologies will be integrated seamlessly in order to provide efficient security system. A business security solution from AGE Technologies would typically include all or some of the following components:

  • CCTV –Thermal Imaging and Security Monitoring: CCTV is an excellent way to keep your perimeter more secure. Not only will you be able to see what is happening on your premises, but CCTV also acts as a crime deterrent. Monitor your facility with a reliable surveillance system from AGE Technologies.
  • Access Control Systems (ACS): Control access to certain areas in your company through an effective Access Control System, that will form part of your security technology solution. You will be able to restrict access to certain areas, resources and functions in your company, ensuring a more controlled environment for security benefits.
  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection (PID’s): Perimeter intrusion detection systems are physical measures placed externally as a barrier to prevent intruders from gaining access to your premises. Examples of PID's include electric fencing, security gates and surveillance systems. Secure your perimeter successfully with a suitable solution from AGE Technologies.
  • Situational Management (PSIM): The purpose of a Physical Security Information Management system is to organise, analyse and manage all of the information received by the various security elements, providing a clear indication of the current security situation.
  • Control room security monitoring: AGE Technologies can bring all your security components together for effective monitoring in the control room. Let our team design and install a control room video wall with state-of-the-art equipment from VuWall for effective security monitoring.

Get a modern security technology solution from AGE Technologies

Let the team from AGE Technologies formulate a security solution that is tailored to your company requirements and security needs. As leaders in the field of Information Technology, you can expect a professional service, quality products and an effective solution when relying on AGE Technologies as your service provider. Contact AGE Technologies to discuss your Security Technology needs.