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Rockwell Automation are considered leaders in the automation systems industry, manufacturing a range of integrated systems for process manufacturing. Age Technologies is a professional and experienced supplier and installer of Rockwell Automation Systems in South Africa, and other Southern African countries.

Implementing control systems in production and manufacturing companies can be greatly beneficial leading to more effective processes, better quality control and reporting abilities. If you are interested in implementing a Rockwell Automation in South Africa, contact Age Technologies to assist with a process analysis to determine you company’s needs, and to offer you the best solution for your process automation requirements. 

Implementing Rockwell Automation in South Africa from Age Technologies

Rockwell Automation is a well-known and popular brand of automation systems, due to the high quality, reliability and effectiveness of the products and systems. Supplying systems to customers across the world, you can get Rockwell Automation systems from Age Technologies in South Africa. Our team is experienced in Rockwell Automation Systems, and will supply you with all the services you require for successful installation, offering a range of automation systems from this manufacturer:

  • Rockwell SLC500: This programmable logic control system is a very affordable and scalable, with multiple processor choices and a number of power supply options.
  • Rockwell ControlLogix: This is the flagship platform of Rockwell Automation, consisting of a single control architecture for discrete drives, motion and process control systems, providing clients with maximum in-control integration.
  •  Rockwell MicroLogix 1200 System: This is a small programmable logic controller, with a limited I/O. It includes features and options to handle a wide range of applications. For more information about this Rockwell Automation system in South Africa, contact Age Technologies today.
  • CompactLogix System: The CompactLogix System is a medium sized programmable logic controller and is ideal for ideal for small, machine-level control applications. If you need a system that requires stand-alone and system connected control over EtherNet/IP, ControlNet or DeviceNet, then this Rockwell Automation System from Age Technologies is for you.
  •  FlexLogix Controller: This PLC is mainly used as remote I/O, to communicate with processors/other computers across RS-232-C, DeviceNet, ControlNet & EtherNetI/P networks. 

Rockwell Automation offers products that are extremely high quality for process automation, and is widely used across many different industries for better process and manufacturing control. Clients of Rockwell Automation systems will enjoy a productive, sustainable and reliable automation systems, manufactured by a leading and innovative company. Talk to an Age Technologies consultant today for more information about our range of Rockwell Automation systems available for your needs.

Contact Age Technologies for Rockwell Automation Systems in South Africa

If you are interested in implementing one of Rockwell Automation’s systems in South Africa, contact Age Technologies today. We will analyse your system needs and supply you with the best Rockwell automation systems that fir your requirements.

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