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Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Company– AGE Technologies

A Programmable Logic Controller or PLC is an industrial computerised system that has been designed and adapted to function within the harsh environments of industrial and manufacturing processes. Common application includes use in production lines, robotic devices and other manufacturing processes.

A Programmable Logic Controller should be highly reliable, offering an efficient automation system in production and manufacturing processes. AGE Technologies offers highly specialised and advanced Programmable Logic Controllers that meets the needs of our clients in various industries. If you are I need of a company that will assist with your company’s PLC needs, AGE Technologies will assist. Our team of engineers will provide you with the best solution tailored to your process automation needs.

The functionality of a Programmable Logic Controller

Programmable Logic Controllers have evolved over the years to include a number of functionalities to aid in system automation. The main function of the PLC is to receive signals and information from different sensors and switches, to ultimately provide certain outputs. The PLC can be programmed to meet the specific industry and process needs and requirements.

    PLC training by AGE Technologies

    AGE Technologies’ PLC Programming and Training Courses:

    Schneider Electric PLC programming support

    • Concept Programming Software
    • Modsoft
    • Schneider Unity Pro Programming Software Programming PLCs
    • PL7 Pro & PL7 Junior – PL7 range was designed to develop Premium & Micro control system applications

    Siemens PLC programming support

    • Siemens SIMATIC software
    • SIMATIC Step 5 PLC
    • SIMATIC Step 7 Programming Software

    Rockwell (Allen-Bradley) PLC programming support

    • RSLogix5 PLC Software
    • RSLogix500 - SLC500 Software
    • RSLogix5000Logix Family Software
    • RSLinx - Communication Configuration Software

    Contact AGE Technologies today about our Programmable Logic Controllers and services

    If you are looking for a reputable company to assist with your Programmable Logic Controller implementation and training needs, talk to a consultant at AGE Technologies today. Our team of electrical engineers will provide you with the best products and services to fulfil your requirements. AGE Technologies are distributors of programmable logic controller and automation system equipment manufactured top electrical product manufacturing companies. PLC brands supplied by AGE Technologies include Siemens, Schneider Electric, and Allen-Bradley (Rockwell Automation).

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