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PLC Training in South Africa

AGE Technologies is a leading service provider when it comes to Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) in automation and processing. Years of experience in process control, automation and system integration allow the team from AGE Technologies to provide professional and effective PLC training in South Africa. Whether you are a student, technician or engineer, you will benefit from our informative, practical and well-rounded PLC training courses available.

A PLC is a specialised computed that is used to control various machinery and processes in industrial environments. It is thus essential that operators fully comprehend the functions and capabilities of the specific PLC, to ensure optimum performance and effective control. PLC Training courses in South Africa by AGE Technologies cover various aspects of a PLC. Contact AGE Technologies today for more information about our PLC training courses, or book your course online today.

PLC training courses by AGE Technologies

AGE Technologies' PLC training courses include an Introduction course, Maintenance course and Development course. Read through the course outlines and topics, or discuss your needs with a consultant at AGE Technologies.

  • PLC Introduction course: This 1-day course is an Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers, and covers basic PLC operations. Topics covered in the PLC Introduction training course includes: Umber systems and data types, Boolean algebra, basic plc hardware, hardware configuration programming, applying Boolean logic in program, analogue signals, timers - on delay, off-delay and pulse and edge detection.
  • PLC Maintenance course: The 2-day PLC Maintenance courses have been developed to provide effective maintenance training for different PLC systems. Once you have completed the PLC Introduction course, you can choose from the following PLC Maintenance courses: Schneider-Electric PLC Maintenance, Allen-Bradley PLC Maintenance course and Siemens S7 PLC Maintenance course. Each course covers the following topics: Software installation, practical hardware configuration, setup program, connecting to PLC, expansion program, maintenance and troubleshooting considerations.
  • PLC Development course: The 3-5 Day PLC Development courses cover more detailed and intricate aspects of PLC's, and include the following topics: hardware revision, programming in function blocks, programming in ladder, programming in sequential flow chart, communication to HMI / SCADA, practical sessions on developing a programme and an advanced programme. Before you can book the PLC Development courses, it is essential that you complete the PLC introduction and maintenance courses.

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Get the training you need to effectively maintain and program your Programmable Logic Controller. AGE Technologies is at the forefront of technology when it comes to automation and control system integration, and can equip you with the knowledge and experience you require to ensure optimal performance of your PLC. Contact AGE Technologies, or book your PLC training in South Africa online today.