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PLC Programming Software Training – Age Technologies

When it comes to PLC Programming Software training, trust our professional and experienced team to assist. We have gained extensive knowledge about all well-known and to developers of PLC programmes, offering you the best solution to your PLC Programme Software training needs.

Should you require more information about our PLC programming software and training available, contact our professional team today. We will assist you with all your PLC programming needs, offering the needed support.

Get PLC Programming Software training at Age Technologies

We offer a comprehensive PLC Training programs,

Age Technologies offers the following PLC Programming Software and Training Courses, covering the following areas:

  • Schneider Electric PLC programming support
  • Concept Programming Software
  • Modsoft
  • Schneider Unity Pro Programming Software Programming PLCs
  • PL7 Pro & PL7 Junior – PL7 range was designed to develop Premium & Micro control system applications
  • SIMATIC Step 7 Programming Software
  • Rockwell (Allen-Bradley) PLC programming support
  • RSLogix5 PLC Software
  • RSLogix500 - SLC500 Software
  • RSLogix5000Logix Family Software
  • RSLinx - Communication Configuration Software

The basic function of a PLC is to monitor inputs and other variable values, make decisions based on a stored program, and control outputs to automate a process or machine. We have put together comprehensive PLC learning and training course so that applicant can fully understand the functions, processes and more.

Process control and Industrial Automation plays a vital role in the performance and processes of many industries and companies. Age Technologies is a leading system automation company and have assisted many small, medium and large companies to integrate system automation for various functions and benefits. An optimally implemented automation system will help increase the performance and productivity of the company, as well as save your company costs. A comprehensive understanding of these PLC programming software systems is also essential to get the best out of it.


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Contact Age Technologies today for more information about our PLC Programming Software Training. We are a leading automation system supplier in South Africa and many other African countries, assisting companies in various industries with their system automation needs.