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A multi-channel data logger is an electronic device used to capture certain data received from a certain instrument / sensor (built-in or external device) over a period of time. The data is recoded to be analysed for specific uses and purposes. This stand-alone instrument converts the signals measured to digital data, and stores this information internally for later analysis. Data loggers are used in many indoor, outdoor, under water and temperature controlled environments. The various connectivity options include Wireless, USB and Ethernet connection. Let our team assist you to find the best multi-channel data logger for your application needs.

If you are looking for a good quality multi-channel data logger, let the leading instrumentation and Electrical Engineering Company assist. AGE Technologies is a renowned service provider in the electrical engineering industry, supplying our clients with quality electrical products, efficient systems and professional support. Contact AGE Technologies today for more information about our multi-channel data loggers. 

The advantages of multi-channel data loggers

A multi-channel data logger is very beneficial in data logging, being able to record various physical electrical parameters and measurement types. Here are a few benefits of multi-channel data loggers from AGE Technologies:

  • Independent operation: Some multi-channel data loggers can work independently from computers, unlike many other data acquisition devices.
  • Versatile use: Multi-channel data loggers can record various data measurements including temperature, voltage, current, strain, load, pressure, resistance, power and more.
  • Cost-effective data logging: A multi-channel data logger is a cost-effective method and device for multi data measurements.
  • Sufficient storage capacity: Your multi-channel data logger will be supplied with sufficient storage space for your data capturing needs.
  • User-friendly: A user-friendly interface ensures easy management and hassle-free data capturing.
  • PC collaboration: Many multi-channel data loggers have the ability to connect to a computer, transferring the recorder information to a PC for analysis.

AGE Technologies supplies the following data loggers:

  • HGPR-8100 / 8700 Paperless Recorder
  • HGPR-8600 Paperless Recorder

Read more about the above listed data loggers supplied by AGE Technologies for more information regarding specifications and usage. 

Contact the leading service provider for quality multi-channel data loggers

Let the leaders in information technology, automation and electrical engineering assist with your instrumentation requirements. We will advise you on the best multi-channel data logger for your specific application needs, including the needed data logging software. Talk to a sales consultant at AGE Technologies today for more information about our multi-channel data loggers available.