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Machine Downtime Monitoring System – AGE Technologies

If you need to monitor the downtime of the manufacturing process / machines in your company, Age Technologies will provide you with the best solution. Age Technologies is a leading service provider of Manufacturing Information Systems (MIS) in South Africa, supplying many medium to large industrial and manufacturing companies with excellent products and support. A Manufacturing Information System will help to monitor the downtime of your production processes and machines, tracking production times, output and more. Let Age Technologies assist to implement a machine downtime monitoring system to improve your production monitoring.

Talk to a consultant at Age Technologies today for more information about Manufacturing Execution Systems and the possible implementation thereof in your company.

The benefits of a Machine Downtime Monitoring System

Downtime can be caused by an unplanned event, or because of routine maintenance projects. Monitoring and planning for the company’s machine / system downtime, will ultimately help to increase the overall effectiveness of the machines and processes. The benefits of a manufacturing / downtime monitoring system includes:

  • Assist to optimise uptime
  • Minimize downtime, and help calculate accurate downtimes
  • Improve efficiency of the manufacturing processes
  • Increase profitability of the production process
  • The ability to view downtime events
  • Options to manually override downtime events
  • Detailed downtime and production reports

There are a number of reasons and benefits of the installation of downtime monitoring systems. If you are in need of a downtime monitoring or Manufacturing Execution System in South Africa, contact Age Technologies to assist. We will supply you with the best software programmes, hardware components and system implementation services. Age Technologies has gained vast experience in the information technology industry, helping many clients in South Africa, and across borders to increase production and profit by means of advanced systems and programmes.

Contact Age Technologies today about Downtime Monitoring

An Age Technologies consultant will help to determine the downtime monitoring needs of your company, in order to be able to assist you with the best information system solution. Let our team help to lower downtime and increase the productivity of uptimes with our state-of-the-art hardware and software system. We will supply you with high quality and top manufacturer brands for your hardware system, leading software implementation as well as training to ensure effectiveness of the system.

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