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Leading Instrumentation Suppliers in South Africa – AGE Technologies

Age Technologies is a leading supplier of instrumentation for industrial application, offering a number of instrumentation products and solutions for our clients’ needs. When dealing with Age Technologies, you are ensured of cost-effective prices, and high quality, cutting edge solutions.

Whether you are in need of flow meters, multichannel data loggers, we will supply you with the best products for your needs. Talk to a knowledgeable consultant at Age Technologies today about your company’s instrumentation needs.

Range of instruments and products available from Age Technologies

Age Technologies supplies the following instruments:

  • Vortex Flow Meter: The vortex flowmeter is used to measure the flow velocity of gases and liquids in in pipes, by means of a small but highly sensitive rod for accurate measurement.
  • HGTT Temperature transmitter: A temperature transmitter is an electrical instrument that includes a temperature sensor, and transmitter to send the signal to the control device.
  • Ultrasonic Flow Meter: An ultrasonic flow meter is a type of flow meter that measures the velocity of a fluid with ultrasound (sound waves) to determine volume flow.
  • Turbine Flow Meter: A turbine flow meter determines the flow of liquid by means of a mechanical turbine that rotates around an axis.
  • Gas Turbine Flow Meter: Gas turbine flow meters are used to measure the flow of natural gas, coal gas, liquefied gas, light hydrocarbon gas and more.
  • Coriolis Mass Flow Meter: A Coriolis flow meter measures the amount of mass flow of liquids coming through the device, obtaining the mass flow figures.
  • Liquid Turbine Flow Meter: Liquid turbine flow meters are used to measure the flow of various liquids, through a mechanical turbine.
  • Electromagnetic Flow Meter: An Electromagnetic flow meter is an induction instrument used to measure the flow of general conductive liquids, liquids with solids, and high velocity liquids.
  • Differential Pressure Transmitter: A Differential Pressure Transmitter is used for accurate absolute differential pressure measurement of liquid, gas and vapour.
  • Inline Pressure Transmitter: Inline Pressure Transmitters measure and transmit of medium pressure change for liquid, gas and vapour.
  • Multichannel Data Loggers: A Multichannel Data Logger is an electronic device that is used to records data over time. It can contain a built-in sensor or works with external instruments.

Contact the leading instrumentation suppliers in South Africa, Age Technologies, for assistance with any of the above instrumentation products.

Contact Age Technologies – Instrumentation Suppliers in South Africa

Age Technologies will help you to obtain the best instrumentation for your smaller or industrial application needs. Get the best quality products and excellent supporting services from Age Technologies – Leaders in the information technology industry. Contact us today for more information about our instrument products, or read more about our process automation solutions for your company.

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