Fusion Splicer for Hire

Get Fusion Splicer for Hire from AGE Technologies

AGE Technologies is a leading electrical engineering company based in South Africa, that offers fusion splicers for hire, as well as other equipment you may require. If you are looking to hire a fusion splicer, contact AGE Technologies today. AGE Technologies will provide you with a solution that meets your needs.

Fusion splicing is the most popular method of splicing (the process of fusing or welding two fibers together), as it provides for the lowest loss and least reflectance. It also provides the strongest and most reliable joint between two fibers. Read more below about the benefits hiring a fusion splicer for your splicing project, or speak to a consultant at AGE Technologies today about your splicing needs.

Hire a fusion splicer from AGE Technologies today

Here are a few reasons why you should consider hiring a fusion splicer from AGE Technologies:

  • Cost-effective splicing option: Purchasing a fusion splicer is expensive and not all businesses can afford the luxury of purchasing equipment. Therefore, AGE Technologies offers fusion splicers for hire for this purpose. Now individuals and companies can hire a fusion splicer at an affordable cost. Enquire today about the updated pricing of our splicers for hire.
  • Easy to hire: Hiring a fusion splicer from AGE Technologies is quick and easy. Simply select the product you wish to hire, complete the hiring agreement, make the required payment and collect the equipment. 
  • Professional service: You can rely on AGE Technologies for a professional service when it comes to hiring a fusion splicer. Our dedicated team will ensure that you are assisted efficiently, and that you get the splicer you require within the required time frame. Contact AGE Technologies today to arrange a splicer for your splicing project.

The following equipment is available for hire from AGE Technologies:

  • Fusion Splicer Kits
  • OTDR Testers
  • Optical Light Source
  • Optical Power Meter

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AGE Technologies is a leading electrical engineering company, offering an extensive range of products and service for companies in various industries.  We can assist with any of the following electrical products and services:

  • Automation
  • Control systems
  • SCADA training
  • Instruments
  • Solar energy
  • System engineering
  • Software engineering and more

Contact the leading electrical engineering company today about our splicers for hire, or any of the above services.