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Control Room Technology, Design and Layout

The purpose of a control room is to provide an effective central space where the facility or factory can be monitored and various aspects controlled from. Control rooms play a vital role in the management of any large facility, and therefore needs to go beyond modern and aesthetically pleasing designs. The design of the control room needs to meet needs of the facility in terms of functionality, design and capabilities.

When designing a control room technology solution for a client, AGE Technologies will take the essential activities into account, and tailor a system that will encompass all the required activities and aspects. We have successfully implemented many control room technologies for clients in various industries, from metal and mining to automotive, manufacturing and food and beverage industries. Let our professional and experienced team design a control room that  best meets your company processes and needs. Read more below about the control room technology, design and layout service we offer, or contact AGE  Technologies today to discuss your needs.

More efficient control rooms for smarter factories and smarter control

Factories are stepping into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which requires smarter processes, and smarter control rooms to manage these processes effectively. Modern control rooms need to incorporate future-proof systems and technology, as well as a more practical approach when it comes to the design and layout of the control centre. Modern control technology allow for smarter and more analytical functions for operators. This makes it possible to determine underlying problems in production, in order to make informed decisions that will increase productivity and cost-effectiveness to achieve a more efficient factory.

Control room design by AGE Technologies

Whether you need to upgrade your control room, or design a new one from scratch, AGE Technologies is the service provider for you. AGE Technologies is a leader in the field of electrical engineering, designing and implementing control systems across various industries. Your control room solution from AGE Technologies will include the most effective technology, design and layout, to ensure that monitoring, control and analytics run smoothly, and add value to your company processes.

Our control room design service includes and covers the following aspects:

  • Control systems design and integration, which includes all hardware and software systems from reputable brands and manufacturers.
  • Physical layout and design of all hardware, for excellent functionality and streamlining activities.
  • Your control room will comply with the requirements of ISO 11064, ensuring you that the safety best practices are met.
  • Your control room will adhere to all Health and Safety requirements.
  • The design of the control room by Age Technologies includes the lighting, flooring, and ceilings of the room.
  • Security and access control systems can be implemented as required.

Get in touch with a consultant at AGE Technologies today to discuss your control room technology, design and layout, so that your factory can achieve optimal efficiency in this department.