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Business Security Systems in South Africa from AGE Technologies

Are you in need of a service provider for your business security systems and solutions in South Africa? In today's time, you simply cannot afford not to install a quality and effective security system in your company or business. Avoid becoming a target for crime by implementing an effective and customised business security system that meets your company's specific needs.

AGE Technologies' Information Communication Technology department specialises in formulating suitable security solutions for our clients that require larger scale security systems. Get in contact with a consultant today to discuss your security needs, and to get a competitive quote on the system you require.

Get the best business security system in South Africa for your company needs

An effective business security system incorporates a number of devices, platforms and elements, that work together seamlessly to provide efficient security measures for a company. A business security system from AGE Technologies would typically include the following components:

  • CCTV –Thermal Imaging and Security Monitoring: CCTV or Closed-circuit television is a video surveillance system that allows the used to monitor the facility and certain areas by means of strategically placed video cameras. The video is recorded should one need to go back to a certain day and time for information regarding intrusion, theft, etc.
  • Access Control Systems (ACS): The use of access control systems (ACS) allows the selective restriction of access to a place or specific resource. This could include the consuming, entering or usage of certain resources and areas within a company.
  • Perimeter Detection (PID’s): Perimeter security includes physical security measures (electrical fencing, security gates, surveillance etc.) as well as computer systems security such as routers, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems implemented to tightly control access to company networks from inside or outside sources.
  • Situational Management (PSIM): The function of PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) is to organise, analyse and manage all of the information received by the various security measures and platforms, providing a clear indication of the current security situation.

Leading supplier of Business Security Solutions in South Africa

AGE Technologies is a leading service provider in the field of information communication technology, including a professional Business Security Solutions service. Our team will help to formulate the best business security solution for your company, in order to provide you with an effective and integrated security solution to improve your business' level of security.

Contact AGE Technologies today for more information about our business security solutions and components, and to get a quote to upgrade your company's security.

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