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Become Energy Independent with AGE Technologies

The current power supply shortage and rising costs of electricity in South Africa have lead individuals and companies to seek alternative energy solutions, in order to become energy independent. Being energy independent means that your home / business is not dependent on traditional energy sources, but rather makes use of renewable energy solutions.

AGE Technologies is a leader in the area of solar (Photovoltaic) energy, an alternative Green Energy solution that uses renewable energy from the sun. AGE Technologies help companies and individuals to make the change to become energy independent, by providing efficient solutions that meet our clients' energy demands. Let the team from AGE Technologies design a solar energy solution for your home or business, so that you can go off the grid and enjoy the many benefits of being energy independent. Get in touch with a consultant at AGE Technologies today about our commercial, industrial and residential solar systems.

The Advantages of Being Energy Independent

The team from AGE Technologies will firstly conduct a load study, in order to determine the customer's energy demand needs. AGE Technologies will design a solar system that complies to the applicable international standards, meets the customer's energy demands and offers the maximum financial benefit to the customer. An efficient solar system with effective energy storing capabilities offers a number of advantages to the customer, which include:

  • Reliable power supply: Enjoy uninterrupted work days and processes with a stable energy supply. Your business operations will not be interrupted by power outages or load shedding.
  • Cost saving: The cost saving benefits of an efficient solar system is one of the main reasons for choosing this energy option. There are no running costs (as opposed to generators that run on fuel), and a small industrial or commercial site can typically be financed over 80 months from the savings in electricity. There is also less exposure to future tariff increases of conventional energy supply.
  • Energy savings: Once the system is paid, all energy is essentially free (for about 15 years), as no other funds will be required to run the system.
  • Lowering your carbon footprint: Companies today can no longer ignore the effects of their business activities on the environment. Each individual is responsible for lowering their carbon-footprint; replacing your conventional power with a solar energy system will lower your carbon emissions by the tons per year.
  • Low maintenance: The minimum maintenance is required on solar systems when compared to alternatives like generators.
  • Tax benefits: Customers can make use of the current allowance by SARS to deduct 100% of the system cost in the first year after installation.

Get in touch with a consultant at AGE Technologies today so that we can assist you with the transformation of becoming energy independent.