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Rockwell PLC’s (Allen-Bradley) support and development

Rockwell Automation provides automation control and information solutions to customers world-wide; from stand-alone, industrial components to enterprise-wide integrated systems to a wide range of industries and manufacturing environments.

The following Rockwell PLCs are proudly supported by AGE:

Rockwell SLC500 

  • Rockwell SLC500 – A cheap, but scalable PLC
  • Small, chassis-based, modular family of controllers;
  • Multiple processor choices; numerous power supply options;
  • And Extensive I/O capacity.
  • Download I/O Systems Overview

Rockwell ControlLogix

  • Rockwell ControlLogix – The flagship platform
  • A single control architecture for discrete, drives, motion and process control systems;
  • Ideal for either a high performance control system or a value-based control system; and
  • Provide maximum in-control integration, programme re-use, communication flexibility and ease of use.
  • Download I/O Systems Overview

Rockwell MicroLogix 1200 System

  • Rockwell MicroLogix 1200 System – A small PLC, limited in I/O
  • Features & options to handle an extensive range of applications;
  • Available in 24 and 40 point versions;
  • I/O count can be expanded;
  • A field-upgradeable flash operating system; and
  • Controller can be easily updated.  
  • Download I/O Systems Overview

CompactLogix System

  • CompactLogix System – A medium sized PLC
  • Combined with Compact I/O, it’s ideal for small, machine-level control applications;
  • Perfect for systems that requires stand-alone & system connected control over EtherNet/IP, ControlNet or DeviceNet;
  • Rackless I/O for flexible installation;
  • Analog, digital & specialty modules covering wide range of applications; and
  • Integrated motion control and capability. 
  • Download I/O Systems Overview

FlexLogix Controller



  • Read the Panelview plus User manual  

I/O Items


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