Optical Time Domain Reflectometer Price

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Optical Time Domain Reflectometer Price

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An OTDR or otherwise called an Optical Time Domain Reflectometer is an instrument designed to distinguish between different optical fibers.  It functions by injecting a number of pulses through the fibers and takes light from the end of that fibre that is reflected back from certain areas along the fibre itself.

The cost of the otdr tester for sale is determined according to its quality and reliability and is usually tested on the basis of its range of measurement performance, performance when resolving and measuring finely spaced events, the amount of time it takes to take the measurements and its versatility in performing equally under different types of environmental situations.  Other areas of focus will also be placed on available and additional features, size, weight and user friendliness. Thus, the better it performs under a wide range of tests, the higher the Optical Time Domain Reflectometer prices will be.

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The Specs of the OTDR Testers for sale at AGE Technologies:

 OTDR Testers for Sale

These fibre locators were originally designed though to be low costing components that were only manufactured to find the area of a problem within the fibre such as a fibre break, area where too much reflectance is found or area where a subsequently high loss in energy is found due to any or all of the above faults. The Optical Time Domain Reflectometer prices only included a basic component that was manufactured to measure distance between faulty fibre areas but due to the importance of this vital piece of equipment, the above additional tests are also a pre-requisite that influences its price on the market today.

As technology has greatly advanced throughout every single industry, available Optical Time Domain Reflectometers are now expected to measure extremely long distances between various points of fault.  This is where it becomes more challenging to make use of only the highest quality of otdr testers as it is required to pick up faults over longer distances, faults and many different splices that are spaced at short intervals and even to pick up differences in features between many different optical fibres that are joined together.

It is therefore vital that you only purchase Optical Time Domain Reflectometers for sale at reputable providers with years of expertise within the optical fibre industry as the success of the testing process will be a direct result of the level of quality of the otdr tester.

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