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OTDR Fibre testers for Sale in South Africa


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An optical time domain reflectometer or otherwise called an OTDR is a component used to differentiate between various types of fibre optic cable. It functions in the way that it inserts many optical pulses into the fibre when being tested and takes away scattered light from and end of the fibre at the same time.

This OTDR Fibre Tester’s function is also to give fibre length estimations and overall shrinking of splice and mated connector losses. Another of its function is to find any type of fault such as breaks, areas where too much reflectance is found or areas where a subsequently high loss in energy is found due to any or all of the above faults. 

It is able to measure and pick up the shrinking of multiple fibre performance by testing from every end and then estimating an average result which is entirely different from the belief that tests can only be performed from one end of the fibre.

OTDR Fibre testers for Sale in South Africa    OTDR Fibre testers for Sale

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Shrinkage and losses are often found throughout them manufacturing process of the fibers and is found to occur between manufacturing, then moving on to cabling, then to warehousing where it is wound onto a drum and finally to installation and splicing. 

To measure the attenuation of multiple fibers, it is advisable to test from each end and then average the results, however this considerable extra work is contrary to the common claim that testing can be performed from only one end of the fiber. These OTDR Fiber Testers are also used to find faults within already installed components as it can measure precisely where changes have been happening during operation. 

OTDR Fiber Testers are found in many different types of fibre and wavelengths that can accommodate many applications such as 1550 nm or even 1625 nm which can measure fiber shrinkage's as opposed to the traditional splice or connector losses.

OTDR Fibre Testers are judged by its performance under a number of tests such as its range of measurement performance, estimated duration before measurement results are shown, being able to resolve and measure within small spaced events, its versatility to perform under various temperature conditions, size, weight and user friendliness.

Age Technologies are proud suppliers of OTDR Fiber Testers for sale and are diligent on keeping only the highest quality testers that have been put through strenuous testing and found to conform to all standards. 

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