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Solar Products & Components South Africa

Whether you have an existing Solar PV System, or simply need to do some maintenance on your current system, you will find all the solar products and components you need at AGE Technologies. AGE Technologies is a leader in the Electrical Engineering industry, providing efficient state-of-the-art green energy solutions for clients.

For all your solar products and component needs, get in touch with the leading solar company in South Africa. You can expect top quality products from leading manufacturers and brands at cost-effective prices. Contact AGE Technologies today.

Wide Range of Solapowerr Products and Components from AGE Technologies

AGE Technologies is a leading supplier of Solar System (grid tied and off-grid), and can supply all the solar products and components you require:

  • Solar Cable: The range of solar cable supplied by AGE Technologies covers standard cables, PV cables for direct burial and voltages up to 1500V.Certified according to International Standards, PV cables from AGE Technologies are suitable for almost any Solar application.
  • DC Protection Boxes: Get quality DC Protection Boxes from AGE Technologies. We offer DC Protection Boxes with various specifications. Discuss your needs with a professional consultant from AGE Technologies.
  • AC Combiner Boxes: Get a quality AC Combiner Box with surge protection. Available options include 12, 16, 18, 20 & 24 string, and provides up to 400A Disconnect Switch with IP65 Internal Handle. Read more about the specifications and options of AGE Technologies' AC Combiner boxes.
  • DC Combiner Boxes: DC Combiner Boxes are designed and manufactured in South Africa, and are customised Combiner Boxes / String Boxes with individual string current monitoring for PV power plants.
  • PV Grid Tied Inverter: AGE Technologies supplies PV Grid Tied Inverters from leading manufacturers. We supply Schneider-Electric inverters, Ingeteam Inverters and Power One (ABB) Inverters. Discuss your PV inverter needs with a professional consultant at AGE Technologies.
  • AC Protection Boxes: AGE Technologies supply quality AC Protection Boxes from Schneider-Electric, a leading electrical equipment manufacturer. Download the AC Protection Box spec sheet for more detailed information.
  • Solar Monitoring System: AGE Technologies provides comprehensive and high-tech solar monitoring systems for solar clients. Get a quality monitoring system that meets all your needs in terms of functions, quality and performance.

Contact AGE Technologies today for all your Solar Products and Components

Let the professional team from AGE Technologies assist you to get the right solar products and components in South Africa for your solar system needs. You can expect equipment from leading manufacturers that will meet all your expectations. AGE Technologies is a leader in the field of Electrical Engineering, and will provide you with only the best products, at competitive prices. Contact us at AGE Technologies today for all the solar products and components you need.

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