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Solar Cable Supplier South Africa – Age Technologies is a leading solar systems company

When it comes to using a solar cable supplier in South Africa, trust a reputable solar systems company such as Age Technologies to supply you with the best quality solar cable. Solar cable supplied by Age Technologies are manufactured according to the highest standards and the best quality material.

Solar cables play a crucial role in the solar system, which is why it is advised to make use of high quality products from a solar cable supplier in South Africa. Solar cable is the connection cable that is used in photo voltaic (PV) power generation is solar power systems.

A solar cable (PV cable) interconnects solar panels and other electrical components of a PV system. Solar cables need to adhere to many requirements such as being UV resistant as well as weather resistant. It needs to be used within a wide temperature range and are generally placed outdoors. The solar cables are used on photovoltaic systems for connecting solar modules / PV panels among themselves and as connection to the DC / AC inverter.

Trusted solar cable supplier in South Africa for durable, high quality solar products

Age Technologies offers the best quality and range of solar cables with different specifications and requirements. The PV1-F Photovoltaic (Solar) Cable is are single core, flexible cables, which are used in photovoltaic installations. These cables are cross-linked, LSFOH Halogen free, flame retardant, low smoke insulation and sheath.

When it comes to solar cables and products, make use of a trusted solar cable supplier in South Africa to ensure you receive quality products that meet your requirements. Download our solar cable spec sheet for more information about our solar cable specifications such as the dimensions and carrying capacity of the solar cables.

The benefits of solar systems and solar power – Solar systems and solar cable supplier South Africa

Today, solar power can be used in a number of different environments, including residential and industrial settings. Solar technology is very advanced, offering companies and individuals solutions to power problems across many industries. Solar farms can produce thousands of Gigawatts of electricity each year, resulting in many benefits for the user.

The main benefit of solar power is that it offers a cheaper power solution than conventional energy supplies. In order for your solar power system to be most beneficial, make use of a reputable solar system and solar cable supplier in South Africa for strong, durable solar products.

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Age Technologies boasts years of experience within the solar energy industry, and is a top solar cable supplier in the country. For more information about our solar systems and solar cables, contact a friendly consultant at Age Technologies today.