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Management Information Systems – South Africa – Age Technologies

Management Information Systems (MIS) is the term used for a computer-based system that provides managers with the tools to organise, evaluate and manage departments within an organisation efficiently. These Management Information Systems (MIS) consist of hardware and software that are used to process information automatically and produces regular reports on operations for every level of management in a company.

Management Information Systems are commonly used within organisations to allow different employees to access and modify information. In some organisations, these systems mainly operate behind the scenes, and the user commodity is rarely involved or at all aware of the processes that are handled by the Management Information Systems (MIS).

Examples of Management Information Systems (MIS) in various industries

Management Information Systems are present in many industries and companies in South Africa:

  • Most industrial companies have Management Information Systems in place - computers manage industrial processes in power plants, chemical and petrochemical industries, pipelines, transport systems, and more.
  • Many major administrative functions are managed by automated system, for example taxes filed online, banking transactions and more.
  • A computer system used to process orders or operations for a business can be regarded as a good example of a Management Information System, seeing as it assists users of the system in automating processes related to orders, payroll, shipping, sales and office administration systems.

Benefits of a Management Information System

Implementing an efficient Management Information System (MIS) will assist with planning, controlling and decision-making on management level, and improve a company’s productivity. Problem areas within industrial or production companies can be easily identified, assisting in the overall performance.

By gathering data, Management Information Systems are able to supply companies with very valuable reports, a main feature of a good MIS. This enables managers to make informed decisions by analysing the data regarding business and operational processes.

Employees will be able to perform their jobs more efficiently, as they can consult Management Information Systems for information they require to assist with their tasks.

Management Information Systems from Age Technologies

Age Technologies supplies highly developed Management Information Systems software technology and hardware systems for various applications and industries in South Africa, as well as other African countries. Age Technologies’ experienced and professional team will provide you with a Management Information Systems that suits your company and process needs best.

Should you be interested in Management Information Systems (MIS) in South Africa, contact Age Technologies today. We will assist to determine your company needs and provide the necessary support.